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I turned around and saw my previous military man.
– What do you want? – I pulled away from him.
“Don’t be afraid,” he grinned.

“It hurts to be scared of you,” I bravely.
He had a very formidable look.
First, he is a head taller than me.
And secondly, my shoulders are three times wider.
A kind of hero in tight camouflage.
From him came a certain threat.
“What do you want?” “Why did you cuddle up on my bus?” “Accidentally,” I was embarrassed.
– Is it painfully gentle, and affectionately, for a random touch, is it blue or something? – he smiled wickedly.
– And what do you care? – I was completely disliked by this conversation, I was afraid of this military man.
Sideways, sideways, I began to move away from him.
– Yes, wait you.
Do not be afraid of me – he tried to stop me by the elbow.
I finally pulled away from him and walked away.
He caught up with me and went near.
– I’m sorry I’m so.
that so rude.
I did not mean that.
Can I talk to you? – he changed the intonation to a more polite and no longer tried to grab me.
I stopped, and he stood across from me.
“Let me treat you to beer,” he said, more peacefully.
“Better than coffee,” I answered, and pointed to the nearest cafe.
I have calmed down and I was wondering what will happen next.
He nodded and we entered the cafe.
I went to look for a free table.
And he went to the rack.
When he returned, he had a cup of coffee in his hands and a bottle of beer with a glass.
He sat down opposite.

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“Excuse me, I still took myself a beer,” he smiled shyly, “my name is Sergey,” he said and held out his hand to me.
“Me too,” I replied to his handshake.
He was clearly confused by the situation and openly nervous.
So I liked him more.
I noticed touching freckles on his face, which are probably hiding when he is angry.
Deciding to take matters into my own hands, I asked: – So, what did you want to talk to me about?
“So are you still blue?” He asked, nervously fiddling with another empty glass.
I smiled, leaned back comfortably, slowly sipped my coffee, in short I paused.
– Yes! – I replied arrogantly and sipped my coffee again.
Seryoga, a military man, breathed a sigh of relief and began to fill his glass with beer.
I am amused by our dialogue.
Sipping coffee and watching him with a smile, I waited for the continuation.
– But not me! – He saluted me with a glass and at once sipped half a glass.
“Then why did you follow me?” – I saluted him in return with a cup of coffee.
“Interesting,” he put the glass down and looked at me with a sly look in his eyes.
– Life wanted to diversify? Understand.
– Diversify.
– he blurted out and dramatically drained his glass.
“And you decided to take me down,” I told him.
“Well, if that’s what they call it.”
– It is called.
And what do you want – I frankly provoked his embarrassment.
He was really embarrassed and frantically thinking how to respond.
I interrupted his torment: “Do you have a place?” He sighed with relief and began to talk quickly about a certain apartment, not far from here.
Not listening to him, I stood up

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, inviting me to the exit.
At the bus stop waiting for transport, I asked him if he had sex with men.
He said no, and that even in thoughts of this was not.
And now he himself is surprised at his action.
“And you won’t go back down?” “I always try to bring what I have started to the end,” he said arrogantly and patted me on the shoulder.
– Once – not pidaras! – He whispered leaning to my ear.
“How to say, how to say,” I decided to offend him.
On the way from the bus stop to his apartment, he told me that he served as a contract soldier at some headquarters. Amateur fuck webcams.

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