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Even after three bottles you will continue to look like a gorilla.
at best, female gorilla. ”

“Do you want a child?” He asked, with a seriousness suddenly cutting through the alcoholic fog.
“Do you even know how to satisfy a woman? Because if we are going to do it more than once, I want to have fun and pleasure.”
“I know for sure that this” happy little hole “is no good.”
“Not bad for a start.”
She poured a new one.
“Thank God that you, gays, always have a lubricant on hand.”
“Hey!” He said.
“What?” “I love you”.
“Oh, just don’t start.
“But she was already smiling.
This story would never have been written, if two completely opposite principles had not fought in Vic since childhood.
On the one hand, there was an upbringing laid down in deep childhood.
A clear code of ethics is excellent knowledge of what is good and what is bad.
And the desire to live happily on the other hand.
The desire to do exactly what you like and then when you want, which most often falls into the category of “bad.”
So it was the life of Victoria, she rather imposed the role of a good parental daughter, than she chose for herself this way.
And now in the girl with particular clarity two beginnings rose and fought – good and bad.
Come on, Vic, – between the two kisses continued to beg Oleg.
– There is nobody here! We’ve been sitting here for half an hour and have not seen anyone! But the girl continued to stubbornly.
Yes, Oleg said the truth: for the last half hour, not a single person appeared in the area of ??visibility.
But all the same to engage in all kinds of indecency in the park in broad daylight – it was an obvious overkill for Vika.
But Oleg did not think so quickly give up.
He had already met with Victoria for two months and realized a long time ago – in private this girl turned into a kind sexual goddess who can be conquered for almost anything – just give me some time.

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But in public, Vika turned into a typical “gray mouse.”
She even barely responded to kisses, so she gently slid her lips and no more.
So, the guy, seeing that

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his girlfriend was already pretty “thawed out”, decided to throw wood in the stove.
A sudden movement, a perturbed cry of Vicky, a deep kiss, from which somewhere in the depths of the girl came a lustful moan, and now Victoria was astride Oleg.
She was wearing a summer dress, although, judging by the calendar, it was still spring outside.
Light dress fell just below the knees.
The girl was so keen on a bold kiss that she didn’t even notice how Oleg’s hands slipped over her legs and pulled out the hem.
The guy so often lifted her dress in private, that now Victoria did not even realize what was going on until it was too late.
Oleg’s language completely knocked her out of a rut, made her forget for a few minutes that they were not at home.
And now, when the street returned, the rustling of trees and the rumble of cars passing somewhere in the distance, Vika clearly felt like Oleg’s hands, without a twinge of conscience, walk freely on her rear.
He skillfully gave her pleasure – gently squeezed, causing the girl a slight tremor in her knees, boldly stroking as he wanted – completely ignoring the slight indignation.
Oleg saw a nascent lust in the eyes of his girlfriend and realized that he was on the right track.
Literally a couple of minutes and the protest of Victoria disappeared, it was already pretty wound up at the hands of Oleg.
For once, the “bad” essence of the girl, all these years pushed deeper and deeper into the subconscious, crawled out.
And the thought of fooling around a bit on the street no longer seemed so frightening.
In the end, because there was no one in the vicinity.
Vika spread her legs a little wider and gently rubbed her crotch about Oleg’s member in full readiness.
The guy immediately took the hint and with one hand, slightly raising the edge of the panties, began to caress the girl’s hot and wet pussy.
And the second – gently stroking her anus through a thin fabric.
Victoria felt like losing her head.
Today, Oleg did everything exactly as she likes – gently, carefully, but energetically, without letting the girl roll, pass at the last moment.
Oleg’s fingers twisted back and forth over the labia, delivering pleasure to the girl, and stroking the anus gave a strange piquancy to what was happening, painting everything around in more sexy colors. Arab online sex videos.

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