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Following it, Alyosha himself left the office.
Seeing his face wet with tears, Kohl immediately became alert.
Come in, come in! – Vera Andreevna called warmly from the depths of her office.

Kohl followed his mother into the office.
Sit down, – smiled the head doctor.
Having typed something on the computer keyboard, Vera Andreevna buried her face in the screen for half a minute.
Well, what can I tell you, – she finally turned her gaze to Olga, – Progress is definitely there, but it’s too early to write out.
You yourself saw how the child recently crap one’s pants.
Not to mention the fact that Kohl gave, when the nurse was washing it.
Have you already managed to report this? – smiled Olga.
How did your son trickle while he was washing away? – Vera Andreevna laughed, – Of course, the nurse who was busy with him told me everything. Arab sexy live.

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