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I sat down in front of Sveta and started for the deck— Of course, at first a couple of training ones, Artyomka has not played with us yet – First training ones, and then which ones? – I asked lightly with excitement. I laid it down and covered my hand with my palm, and looking into my eyes, I answered – we will play it out, but we’ll see.
You are not in a hurry? I assured him that until the morning I was completely free, trying to quietly correct the rising member in his underpants.
There was a terrible mixture of fear and desire in my head, my heart was ready to jump out of my chest.

Oleg poured brandy, Sergey asked me about my hobbies and interests.
Both were giving me compliments alternately, like a young lady.
And how interesting I am and how athletic and smart I am.
I tried to modestly excuse myself, but I myself felt more and more like a whore who, with pleasure, was waiting for the moment when she was put on the table and otymeyut.
The member stood pressed against his underpants and seemed to be smoking with excitement.
Meanwhile, cognac made itself felt, drank, though little by little, but often.
Oleg, more and more often turning to me, he put his palm on my hand, higher and higher on the thigh.
And looking into his eyes was getting closer.
Sergey periodically confused the “young man” and “baby”, and Sveta was delighted with our success with her and encouraged me, saying that today we will undress the boys.
It was here that I understood what real arousal is.

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Not only that, they wrote me down to the ladies with a gun, and without asking, they took me to the game of undressing.
Suddenly, I felt that the moment I was dreaming about would be right now.
I realized that if I want to cancel everything, I must cancel it either at the same moment or go to the end.
Indeed, it is one thing to dream of surrendering to a man, and it is quite another thing to face this man, and not only one.
For fear, I seemed to have forgotten about what was happening, but Sergey, who first touched me, put my hand on the back of my head

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, brought me to life.
“Artyomka, you are with us? How could I want to cuddle up to this palm, to feel her strength and energy more fully, to belong to her completely, without a trace.”
Apparently my whole answer was in my half-mad look.
Sergey removed his hand and smiled at me.
We blew the first batch with Sveta.
Delighted by this victory, she instantly took off her T-shirt, prompting an approving moo from the male part of the table.
As if in a dream, I pulled off my T-shirt and didn’t notice, but Sveta smiled at me widely and pretended to suck cock. Well, I told you that we would win – quite unexpectedly for me, Sergey finished the game and kissed my ear.
– Now we need to come up with a punishment for the losers.
What do you want them to do? All I could do was mumble about, that I trusted his taste.
“Well, if you trust, then I want Svetochka to make a great blowjob to Oleg! Sveta, who was already in full swing by that time with her booty about Oleg’s member, instantly slipped under the table.
– Hey! So that we saw – SergeyOleg was indignant, pushed the chair away from the table and I saw how Sveta slowly exposes his hefty member and immediately licks his head.
While Oleg helped take off his underpants, Sveta licked his penis from the very eggs to the head and as soon as Oleg was free, he simply put his mouth on his penis.
I watched, fascinated, as she was sucking the dick wet from saliva, jerking him and stroking his eggs and only Sergey’s whisper in my ear brought me back to reality. Best big boobs webcam.

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