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“And besides, you shouldn’t do it for gossip,” Diana burst out laughing.
– Imagine the reaction of someone to whom you tell about the deal, which you returned for a bag of sugar, at a price of ninety dollars.
– The deal was great.

But do you really think that after this TV series, she would be able to distinguish between real coke and props? “But why would her agent need her agent — this is a question.”
“I heard something about Temple,” said Maria, recalling the name on the documents.

“I don’t think he’s one of those who are easy to breed.”
“Maybe you wanted to make fun of someone,” suggested Diana.
“Remember when Whitney threw a stack of blue magazines into Jeter’s locker?” “It was great,” Maria burst out laughing again.
“He had been spying on Jeter for almost two days, choosing a convenient moment.”
And even had no idea that we are all aware of his joke.
“The real joke will be when Temple gets the car back and asks our body star, and what happened to his bag of sugar,” Diane said with a laugh.
– All would have given to look at her at this moment.

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“Yes, it will be fun,” Maria agreed.
– I can imagine what her face will be like at this moment.
– Well, that’s enough.
I propose to get out of here and soon, ”Diana continued.
– While I was all running, while you looked.
“Then maybe we should take a day off with you today,” Maria replied and kissed her partner.
– As they say – “strike while the iron is hot”.


The lady said nothing.
She was uncomfortable.
Hands tied with scotch tape.
– Girls! Please untie my hands.
I will not run away from you anywhere, – Sholpan Damirovna cast a pleading look at the criminal.
After Oksanka untied the captive’s hands, the lady gently straightened her skirts and rubbed her sore hands.
– Maybe we will agree, girls! I can pay you to let me go, – the prisoner offered hopefully in her voice.
– Bitch you!
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