Bongacams slave.

Bongacams slave.
At six in the morning, he wakes me up.
– You wanted me to get up at six, remember? -BUT.
Well yes.

Well, take off your clothes, lay your ass up on the sofa.
Another small detail: Manya brought a burglar-vibrator from the BDSM department yesterday, with such a normal one you cannot masturbate.
And she has every lover a masochist, and so.
And she always wanted to carve someone.
That always goes on in the mistress.
But back to the story.
I take out a bully and shove her husband in the ass.
He yells, but he does not dare remove me with his hands.
I laugh and fuck him for a long time with this garbage.
Further more.
I take the belt from the trousers and do what I didn’t allow before, although the ideas were already a long time ago, I started to boldly whip him in the ass.
He moans and jerks off.
After a while his ass in red scars, and he ends.
– You can go to work.
But try, sit down? He tries to sit on the sofa and with a grimace on his face he succeeds.
“So little,” I say, and break it for another ten minutes.
Now sit down.
I order.
He sits down with a wild cry.
-Well, well, I say, and go to the bath.
He goes to work.
I ask how it was sat, it is all red.
He says that he did not experience so much pain all his life.
I laugh, squeezing his cock and kissing him passionately.
He is excited.
– We have guests, I say.
Masha sweetly smiles at him from the couch.
He is excited even more.
Another two hours of gangbang slaughter and everything just for the time being.
What he has become relaxed! Need to teach a lesson.

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Well, they started to fuck him with bells and whistles brought by Manya.
Some beads for the anus, an imitation of the brush, which in the evening was in his ass fifty times, rubber sticks and limbs, vibrators.
All huge sizes.
In the end, we accept punishment.
Already everything: and on the nipples iron pegs, and in the ass rubber Gramila, tore the anus half an hour ago, and on the fuck already a clip with a sinker.
And the soul flew to heaven! Scourge, belts, brushes, combs, rulers, books, knives with a flat side.
They cut everything: ass, ass, and once again ass, dick, thighs on the inside and outside, hands, nipples, stomach, chest, back.
left only palms: we just beat them with a ruler and calmed down.
In short, by the end of his ass spilled red streams of scars and bruises.
And the body was like a tomato from the red.
Then we otbebali him well again and she left.
He began to cry, asking why so mocked.
I had fun looking at him, I sucked his lips and went to sleep.
But he only knelt in front of my bed and then whined, then asked what he had to do at work tomorrow when he had to sit down and touch his back.
I smiled, kissed her once more, and whispered, “I love you.
Everything will pass, “- plunged into slumber, and fell asleep under his cry, realizing that he would howl all night, because he can’t even lie down on his stomach.
And so, warm waves of an approaching orgasm begin to cover me, my penis are turning

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to stone, I, having crushed Cyril under me, fucking him in my mouth, pleasant convulsions went through my body, I continue to jerk my pisun with my hand on my partner, on testicles , pulled up in the scrotum, he too will end soon.
But I’m already everything, starting to shoot sperm, more, more, more, sperm flows down the cheeks of Cyril, he does not have time to swallow it, but I don’t stop, I continue to fuck his cute mouth.
After some moments, the body of the young man bends, and he ends up abundantly, filling his entire belly with sperm, I continue to milk his pussy with gentle movements, squeezing the last drops out of it.
– Well, did you like it? – Cyril looked at me, lying on his back.
– Yes, in the performance of a blowjob, you have experience, let’s go swim, – we rushed into the water with a run. Bongacams slave.

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