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In order not to lose housing, we rented it out and decided to solve the mortgage problem, partly of course.
There was not much to pay extra, we decided not to take the daughter out of the garden, the husband, leaving for work, took her with him, brought it to the garden and took it after work, it just happened that they left early and returned late, but what to do.
We lived in a separate room, in which my husband used to live, before we moved to Moscow time.

I must say that the parents’ house was not huge, but not small, two floors and a basement and we did not interfere with each other.
In addition to his parents, Kolya, my husband’s stepbrother, a late child, lived in the school with us in the house, in the senior class and his parents simply adored and pampered.
Her husband’s father, or rather, stepfather, Ivan Vasilyevich, a stern, prominent, tall man, mother Natalya Petrovna, a small and fragile woman, very kind and affectionate, Slava, that is my husband’s name, looks more like my mother, but Kolya, a copy dad! Bongo flirt 888 sex live 635.

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