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It ridiculously swung and hit Malvina on the head so that she sat down on the floor in surprise.
Pinocchio instantly appeared between her legs.
Malvina wrapped her arms and legs around him, and the head of the strap-on was in her mouth.

Malvina goggled and began to suck her openly.
Seeing this Pierrot abruptly straightened and slightly stepped aside.
Harlequin, carried away, did not notice this maneuver and fell head over heels on the floor next to Malvina.
Pierrot suddenly grew bolder and, raising the shirt’s floors, bent back strongly.
Demonstrating your sexual organ is very impressive.
The audience gasped at once! If until that moment everything looked naive and funny, leaving more room for speculation, now it was a frankly pornographic scene.
Whistling and tramping in the hall, someone frantically shouted protesting against such a spectacle, someone clapped their hands, but the majority still whistled and indignant.
Soon rotten fruits and vegetables flew onto the stage.
Taking advantage of the general confusion, Josephine quickly grabbed her object from the stage and wanted to hide completely, but suddenly buried herself in a huge stomach covered with thick hair.
She looked up and saw the owner of the theater Karabas Barabas.
– So this you thwarted my beautiful presentation! Probasil Karabas Barabas.
– The most respectable public doesn’t worry.
A small error has occurred.
Now you will see the end of the performance.
Smiling tenderly and bowing ceremoniously, the director of the theater said, and looked menacingly at the actors.

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The curtain closed and music began to play.
The audience began to calm down a little.
Carabas Barabas roughly grabbed Josephine by the

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hand and led him along.
They came to a small closet.
It was probably the director’s private office.
A massive table, a massive leather armchair and something like a hearth were standing against the far wall – that’s all the furniture.
The director roughly thrust the woman into the depths of the office and locked the door behind him.
– Where did you get such a thing? – Karabas Barabas asked ominously, but at the same time and not viciously.
“My husband Carlo made him.”
confusedly answered Josephine.
– It’s just some kind of miracle! – Frankly admired interlocutor.
– He bends and looks like alive.
Did you have to use it? Karabas Barabas did not let up, making small and smooth steps towards Josephine.
– I would not mind to see how it looks on the body.
Crafty asked Karabas Barabas and almost came close to his companion.
Josy backed up a bit but rested against the edge of the table.
org) The director abruptly and quickly pulled out of her hands Pinocchio and mannered crouched in front of her.
Josephine beautifully understood his actions and leaned her hands on the edge of the table.
a strange feeling swept over her.
She internally understood the absurdity and stupidity of the situation, but nature prevailed.
In addition, Josie thought that the room was filled with an incomprehensible bright light.
it was just a moment.
Bright flash.
But this was quite enough for the passion and desire to capture both partners.
She raised the floor of the dress, showing off her beautiful lace panties.
Pinocchio himself escaped from the hands of Carabas Barabas and instantly attached himself to them.
And he looked so impressive and quite appropriate.
The director did some manipulations with the beard on his face, and shook his head sharply and quickly.
Josephine’s gaze presented a pretty female face and a lush Beard transformed into a mane of hair! – So you are a woman !!! – Josephine was surprised.
– Yes.
– Karabas Barabas calmly answered. Camchat adult.

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