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I am happy that I will otymeyu you now.
And then my friend finished, poured all his face on me with his seed.
I wiped off the sheet.

– Well, go to the bath, lubricate all the cream there.
Oleg retired laughing, soon returned with a can of cucumber cream and smeared his anus with them.
He got on all fours on the sofa, looked around.
– Well, lover, start! Fuck me! – With pleasure !, – and I gently inserted the head into his ass, didn’t it hurt? Olezhek was silent.
I inserted a full-length member and began to move it a little.
– Do you think, Oleg, if we go now and I take off your fuck with mom on camera, she will allow me to fuck her too.
Oleg groaned loudly, and I was afraid that someone would hear us, but remembered that there was no one in the apartment and continued the frictions. Camhub sex.

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