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There will be a continuation of course, after 10 minutes.
But that’s another story.
However, in the morning, as soon as Prokhor left for business, and Nikolai Fyodorovich called Kuzma, intending to order him to call for Katerina, that same Georgian prince appeared.

This came to him when Kuzma came running.
– Oh you, my God! – Nikolai Fedorovich fussed with annoyance – I forgot that I had invited him.
Well now do – call! The prince confused all the plans, but it was worth it.
After an hour and a half of difficult negotiations, they finally shook hands.
Nikolai Fedorovich loomed a lot of profit, even a little more than originally expected.
The prince also did not stay offended.
To celebrate, the host offered to mark a deal.
Guest readily agreed.
Having moved to the table by the fireplace, at the request of the prince, they drank his favorite vodka, slowly talking about things that were far from commerce.
Both were slightly tipsy, the conversation turned to women.
– And tell me, prince, is it true that you have a man or an eagle in the Caucasus? Well, in the sense of the female part? The prince was akimbo, proudly looked from the top down and answered: – Kanechno! Then he thought a little and added for complete truthfulness: – Well, maybe not everything.
But most sure! – And how are you with such a temperament without a woman for a long time? Well, if away or something? – On everyone happens.
Women – they are everywhere, to them only the right approach is needed.
– Not! – did not give up Nikolai Fedorovich – Now, if in principle they are not nearby? Absolutely not? – Not at all? – The prince thoughtfully twirled an empty glass in his fingers – Well, if at all, then you can use the boy as well.
– Boy? – surprised Nikolai Fedorovich.

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So he knew about such tricks, but with a man who openly admitted that he practiced it he spoke for the first time.
– Why? – continued the prince.
– The difference is small.
Only one hole is missing, but otherwise almost the same.
But he has something else, maybe the owner himself to appease.
Nikolai Fedorovich listened to these arguments with his mouth open.
– And you use it? – Yes, regularly.
Sometimes you want diversity.
What are you, my dear Nikolai Fedorovich, so surprised? Want to try it yourself? This one just accompanies me today.
Now sitting down below you.
The prince got up, opened the door a little and

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ordered Kuzma to get out there – The boy was with me there, call here! – What are you, prince.
– Nikolay Fedorovich tried to protest belatedly.
– Not worth it.
– No, no, you should definitely try! A slender boy appeared incredibly quickly.
Slipping into the room, he stopped at the door awaiting orders.
– Take care of the lord! – the prince pointed his chin at Nikolai Fedorovich.
The boy jumped up to him and thumped his trousers, knocking back his trousers, catching the fallen out member with his lips.
Nikolai Fedorovich almost with horror looked at the quickly rising organ in the male mouth and he was intensely thinking how to be now.
Now it’s too late to refuse, the guest will be offended.
For good it would be necessary to respond with the same courtesy, but the trouble is that there were no such boys in the house.
– Prince! I can not offer you the same boy, but maybe you want a woman? “Someone from the maid?” – prince twisted.
– No, a person of noble birth.
– Then I will not refuse.
Will she agree? – At first, maybe not, but haven’t you recently said that everyone just needs their own approach? – Yes, yes, it was, I do not argue.
Call your lady.
Not without regret, Nikolai Fedorovich pushed the boy’s head away from him and fastened his pants.
He looked offended at him and, obeying the master’s gesture, sat down in the far corner.
Kuzma was ordered to immediately call for Katerina.
When she appeared, she found a quite ordinary picture – the uncle and the guest were sitting at the covered table, the guest satellite, as befits a servant, was on the sidelines, not disturbing the masters.
– Katya, come here! – Nikolai Fyodorovich called her – Celebrate with us, otherwise a piece won’t get into your throat without a female society! Katerina cautiously sat on the edge of the couch.
A guest of Nikolai Fyodorovich immediately put a glass in her hand and began to proclaim a toast. Canlı cam sex.

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