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And now – the cherished goal.
Quickly finding a small point, bursting and hot, he began to caress her.
Irina did not feel the hardness under their feet.

She didn’t even feel her own body, only a pleasant languishing and a fire burning inside.
His caresses were like sweet honey for her body.
Alex felt it.
The girl started to shake a little from the desire, and she, tearing our hero from the caresses, pulled him to her.
Having rewarded each other with a passionate kiss, they languished.
And here is the moment – and his member is already in it.
She even flinched – so welcome was this penetration.
The head was spinning, bodies under the pressure of passion again and again intertwined into unknown figures.
The movements became more powerful and more powerful, and the bodies were already torn from all-consuming emotions.
Irina made a long and drawn-out moan and huddled in passionate convulsions.
At that moment, reality disappeared.
In the room, the fog thickened and two ghostly and weightless figures appeared in it: the very Devil who had tortured her emerged from Irina, and the Angel who appeared there recently appeared from Aleksey.
– Why do we torture each other? – the devil asked.
– We loved each other before.
In ancient Rome, in Greece, now in Russia.
You always followed me.
So what is to blame for these mortals? “I love you, and you can’t do anything about it,” Angel replied, looking into her eyes.
“You remember our curse.”
And these mortals are our last chance.
– Our time is running out, it’s time to go back, let’s make them talk, – the Devil looked at him with an imploring look.

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“Well, be it your way,” Angel sighed bitterly.
And time seemed to stop.
The world around did not obey our heroes – the day was replaced at night.
And the evening – in the morning.
Alexey and Irina looked at each other and smiled, they understood that they were in love, but they all did not dare to speak, to break that thin thread that tied them together.
Alex decided to speak first.
Slightly hoarse with emotion, our hero asked: “What have we found in each other?” Ira, what made you? You do not even know me close, I am terrible inside.
Life seeker – do you really need this? – But does it matter? – in a voice quivering with excitement, answered Irina.
“You are a wonderful lover, and I feel good with you.”
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“But I want to be not only a lover,” Alexey answered half-heartedly or half jokingly.
– I’m already fed up with this role.
– And what do you suggest? – Irina flared up a bit, – Divorce her husband? Fly away with you into the unknown distance? “And why not, I like the last option,” Alexey answered with full seriousness.
– But where? Understand that I am not free and can not be with you.
Angel and Devil already hugged each other, almost sobbing.
“Please leave me,” she begged tearfully, “you are hurting me so much.”
I beg you! – I can not leave, I will not allow myself.
The figures disappeared into the air, and our heroes returned to reality.
Irina suddenly said hopelessly: – Let everything be so far.
Alexey got a little nervous after these words.
Impacted by smoking.
Alex went to the balcony and lit it.
What awaits him next? And Irina, meanwhile, was going home.
Part Two The world around was unshakable.
The daily affairs and duties of our heroes have not been canceled.
We talked in fits and starts, it wasn’t possible to meet.
Moreover, Alexey had a problem – conscription loomed on the horizon, I mean the army.
Calling Irina, choking with timidity and surging feelings, Alexey explained the situation.
Irina after this short conversation, she thought about it – she was attracted by a youth.
He, in essence, was good for her sons or brothers.
But an unknown internal force beckoned to him.
In the end, she stopped at the thought that since everything turned out this way, she would see Alexei soon, with a sad army scenario, everything could still be done. Desi live sex cam.

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