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The girl herself was very excited by the idea that she was standing and chatting with her friends, but at that moment her pussy just burned with excitement and she felt like the juice in her nutria is about to begin to squish.
The first lessons were held as usual, although Shurochka was not at all attentive, for which she received a comment in a literature class.
Teachers have long been accustomed to, that the girls grow up early and dress quite freely, so they didn’t greatly surprised Shura, but the girl was looking forward to the last lesson, because it should have been a history lesson taught by Irina.

And here it is.
Shurochka sat on the first desk, right in front of the teacher, the rest tried to hide and, according to the school habit, occupied the desks away from the teacher.
On this day there should be a written survey on the history, so Irina was very strict.
She told everyone to close everything and started handing out questions to each student.
Pupils received a sheet with the task and immediately began to answer questions.
So the teacher came up to Shurochka and put down a piece of paper with questions, the questions were beaten as follows: Spread your legs and tighten the skirt so that I could see your tattoo.
Masturbate with your left hand.
Smile, I have a small camera on my desk and she is shooting you.
From these tasks Shurochka flowed like a crane.
She gently lifted the hem of her dress and began to masturbate.
Shurka tongue sometimes licked dry sponges, which added vulgarity to it.
In the face of Irina, the girl saw that the teacher was very pleased.
But so that no one would guess, the girl still wrote in her sheet that she was a Damn, whore, that she wanted to be put in the middle of the class now and fucked in front of all her dog Marty.

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Irina collected tasks from everyone and let the children go, only Shurochka said to stay.
I took her paper and read what the girl had written there.
A smile flashed on the teacher’s face.
Do you really want this, fuck? – She asked the girl.
Shurachka was confused, because it was

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her thoughts from the subconscious that escaped and she involuntarily wrote them down on paper.
She did not know what to say.
But Irina has already decided everything for her.
The verdict was as follows: The following week, Irina was going to go to her dacha to herself and have a small party there.
So Shurochka had to make a list of guests, choose three friends at least whom Irina also invited to the country.
But the main news was that Shurochka would go to the dacha as a slave of these three girlfriends, would do everything they ordered, and Irina also promised her that Shura would always have a cable in front of the girlfriends and maybe not one.
Also, the teacher promised that she would make every effort so that the talented student, probably the future school medalist, became a toilet whore, so that she liked to drink the urine of her mistress and with pleasure rubbed her ass with a tongue after the toilet.
Also, Irina had thoughts to add one more tattoo on the girl’s body, so the text and the location were also decided to discuss with other girls during the rest at the dacha.
Shurochka was in shock, she understood that this trip to the dacha would irrevocably change her life and she was not mistaken.
To be continued.
Please send your suggestions and comments to the post office: I will gladly take into account your desires in the continuation of the story.
“I’m a lesbian, idiot!” He shrugged. “Well, I’m gay.
The main thing is that both you and I want children, and our shitty government is unlikely to allow us to adopt someone.
You have to make your own. ”
“Phew, not this one.”
“Alright, leave it.
I remember you telling me how you fucked one guy at your prom. ”
“I never said that.”
“Already forgot? That evening Claire lingered at work, and you got drunk on hell, and then you started telling me about your happy childhood.”
“Well,” she pointedly pointed at it with a finger, “I didn’t like it anyway.”
“Yes, and let him.
Who cares.
That’s what’s important now. ”
“Okay, I’ll think about it.”
—————————- “It’s all right, I talked to Claire.
We agree. ”
Steve is also in the cage.
Now we have to decide which genes we will combine. ”
“What?” “Well, that is, who is with whom?” “Let’s draw lots?” She suggested hesitantly.
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