Goluboglazaea bongacams.

Goluboglazaea bongacams.
I know that she feels, how she is tormented, what a fire is burning inside! I know what makes this just one step – step over the threshold to me.
“I came.
Boss ”- well, the most important, the first, words are spoken! Next is my business, how to let the little girl relax, how to ease the beginning of her incarnation in reality of what she so long dreamed of – to be a slave! I get up, walk up to her, lift her head by her chin, look into her eyes – they are scared.

Well, well, my girl, I do not need to be afraid.
I understand, you step over a threshold not of a room, you step over interdictions which so long sat in you.
And to break them is painful, scary, the unknown still lies ahead – and very, very forbidden! But this inexpressibly attractive.
Frightened eyes look at me.
In my – affection, tenderness, smile.
I gently rub my hand over her cheek, touch her lips and neck with a finger.
I smile amicably – and with a wide gesture I invite you to enter “Hello, baby! Come in, do not be afraid.
You can sit in the chair. Goluboglazaea bongacams.

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