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I plucked a beautiful grape, washed it well, then lay down, putting a towel under the ass, legs opened wide and.
The gentleman eaten grapes with the taste of a cave with pleasure, and even treated his slave girl.
Very romantic, with beautiful old buildings, narrow streets.

Everywhere in the streets and squares there were cafes where people sat and rested.
We walked, looked at the church and other sights, then drank coffee.
Everywhere there were many beautiful little shops.
I have not seen this before and I really liked everything.
The gentleman said that I would like to stay in this city all day.
But he explained to me that we first go to the beach, buy, and then come back again in the evening, if the slave girl deserves it.
I really didn’t want to leave, but when the Mister explained that all the shops were closed from 13 to 17 because of the heat, my mood again rose, because it was already almost twelve.
There were still few people on the beach.
We bought, sunbathed a little, then the Lord decided it was time to punish the slave. Hidden cam shower masturbation.

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