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I took off my pajamas and stayed only in panties, he did it too, I lay down close to him but not pushing him but it did not help me I was trembling again he heard a shiver and took me by the waist I pressed close to myself

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I felt warm his body, he hugged me my legs took in his I was extremely nice.
And he said.
– So now I will warm you))) – Thank you Spaniard.

– I love you my snowflake.
– I love you too.
I woke up but found that it was already night and I was lying alone.
“You slept all day, I ran away, you were still asleep, now I will make you some tea and tea, and you measure the temperature.”
– It will be done))) He brought me soup and tea, and I already measured the temperature, but it was not there, it was 36, 6.
Kotya fed me soup and drank tea with raspberries.
– Kostya, thank you very much, you cured me, your care helped.
“There’s nothing I’m like if my body isn’t hot.”
And then he looked at me with some special look, and then I discovered that the blanket was sleeping with me, and he saw my breasts, and I was terribly embarrassed, I was ashamed, I wanted to cover them, but he stopped me with his hands: – No, do not do this, let me look at you in all its glory, you can’t even imagine how long I dreamed of doing this, I didn’t dare to look at you when you were sleeping, I wanted to look at your beautiful body by your agreement.
In a shaky voice, I replied: – Look good: and I did not lift the blankets.

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– Your body is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, I could not even imagine that you would agree, thank you so much.
He looked at me where about 5 minutes, just sat and watched frozen, and then abruptly got up and turned around, it surprised me.
– Stay where are you? – I’m sorry I have to leave him.
– No, don’t leave, stay, I don’t want you to leave.
– You do not understand, if I don’t leave now, I’m doing something stupid, that you don’t see that I can’t hold on anymore.
– I see, but maybe I want you to do something stupid.
– What are you saying, you yourself do not understand.
– All I understand is that it is my fault that you are to me.
– And if you know this way, then know that then I said that I love and this is not correct, I spoke about you.
I love you, more than my sister, I’m sorry I tried to stop loving you but it didn’t work out as you see I can’t look at the other when I love you so much I know I do.
– I love you too, not as a brother, but as a guy, I didn’t love anyone so much, I don’t understand how it happened, I just love you, I even sometimes get scared by this thought, and there’s no dork.
– Wow !!! – I want to.
– I also want you madly, Nick, but this is wrong, it’s not right, but I can’t take it anymore. Kostya came up tight to me and, with an energetic and impudent kiss, curled my lips and it was excellent.
He lifted me up like a bit of fluff, spun the whole world for me, and Bones turned over dreams come true, even the most forbidden and vicious.
Mowing removed the blanket, I was only in swimming trunks: – Will you allow? – I allow.
Kostya threw me on the bed and began to kiss my neck with kisses. He was like a beast. Now my body was completely in Bones’s hands.
– Kostya, what are we doing? – We.
at the mercy of each other.
Now he was kissing my nipples breasts going lower and lower. He got to the navel further down Kostya was the first to caress me there his hot tongue began to penetrate deep into me it seemed that he penetrated somewhere deeper into the very soul like an unparalleled pleasure at the peak – Do you want me to continue? – Exactly!!! Home made sex hidden cam.

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