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I: “Have a sister!” She: “Elder? How old is she? ”I:“ Yes! 25 “And then a pause and it dawned on me that this is the end! She: “Natasha name?” I turned white.
I realized that she had found our family and that the cranes were coming to me.
Me not.

“She:” Of course! I am writing a letter to Nikolai Sergeyevich, your father! With details, our correspondence and photos.
After 10 minutes, call you home and just try to turn off the phone! I will send a letter to my father, call and ask him to see the mail, then I will call and we will discuss your behavior with him.
“At this moment I will cut off the story.
I think it’s not worth telling me how she invented the punishment – for 1 year and 3 months of the year to be a voluntary assistant in the hospital: clean and wash the pots for the sick in the hospital, wash toilets and other dirty work almost every day.
I will not complain about the latter, I became better, I knew that I was doing a good deed.
She came to her friend to the hospital more than once and look at me: what this pervert looks like! Life has taught me that if you want to have fun – negotiate a price in advance, and then the overpayment is large.
Even with all this, I do not cease to be excited by the thought up idea.
And the resulting punishment gives me guarantees of the seriousness of what is happening.
It was about 40 years ago.
At the beginning of summer, my parents decided to send me to the village to see my grandfather.

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I did not agree for a long time, because no grandfather lived in the countryside.
He somehow left the house for cigarettes and was like that.
There lived a grandmother, an old woman who survived out of her mind.
By the way, she went crazy before the very campaign for cigarettes.
So what do you want me to do there? Grandfather, that could be even fired from a slingshot.
So I protested as best I could, but in the end I arrived at the village black soil in a box from under the TV.
Then the TVs were not as thin as they are now, so I had plenty inside.
It’s boring, of course, to sit for a few hours in the dark, but I’m used to it from early childhood, when I was locked up in a closet for bad behavior.
Years were not enough for me, but not so much that someone was brought under the article because of this.
So, I did not have time to get out of the cardboard box, as my parents caught a trace.
They were clearly impatient to embark on a joint pastime.
Grandmother, an old woman, met me with a swearing curse from which I realized that I should immediately go to the garden to collect Colorado beetles, eating potato leaves.
– Beetle – harmful creature! The parasite and the parasite, like you, granddaughters.
I forgive you for kinship, but if you like it, bite it, come on, let go of the Colorado, go on, fuck their bellies! – My grandmother set me up at the working mode.
– On a taba jar with turpentine, pick up syudy.
And as you cum, I nyasi.
So I will tell you, I hated the Colorado beetles with all my heart, especially after many hours of crawling under the scorching sun.
Damn those who are guilty of spreading these creatures in the vast expanses of our country! But to eat something like a hota, and in order to eat a little, I had to push my pride into my anus and crawl on all fours before the fucking sunset.
So I finally filled a three-liter jar of this Colorado locust and sent my dirty heels towards the old woman’s hut, to show the fruits of labor, so to speak.
– What coped with the bug? Tady sit at

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the table, stretch the cregs.
– pretty chirped granny. Hot sex caught on camera.

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