How to sex online.

How to sex online.
For a moment, he felt embarrassed – you can’t go so shamelessly wherever you were called! But curiosity took over.
“Yes, I have only one eye,” thought Slavka and opened the first file.
then second, third.

And the further he looked, the more his hair stood on end on his head! It was amateur camera shooting.
It all started is not so scary.
Opening the first video, Slavka saw Toshka squatting.
On two sides of him were two peasants, lowering his pants, and he took turns sucking their members.
Moreover, that Sergey Borisovich was not among them – men unfamiliar.
Slavka frowned.
He thought that Anton had only one lover.
And it turns out that it is not.
The following video was much worse.
Slava saw some spacious and elegantly furnished room, in the center of which was a table.
On the table lay absolutely naked Toshka, and around him crowded five men, who were still dressed.
They pawed the boy, stroked and crushed his slightly plump body everywhere.
He smiled, he liked.
Slavka noticed that among these men there are not only Sergey Borisovich, but also those two that were in the first video – all new ones.
One of them began to gently massage the lad’s seated segment, while the other put a palm on his testicles.
Toshka began to wriggle with pleasure.
He opened all over, trying to spread his legs wider.
Then another man came up to his ass, smeared something with the anus and began to stick his finger in there.
The boy groaned.
And the man quickly began to fuck his ass with his finger.
Toshka moaned louder.
But this video was cut short.
Having loaded the following, Slavka saw the same five men, only they were all already naked.

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Anton was lying on a wide bed, and the men surrounded him on all sides.
To the right, an excited member approached his face, and Toshka immediately took him into his mouth.
At the left of the boy, another man began to slap his embarked end on his cheek.
Anton began podrachivat his left hand, not letting go of the mouth member of the right.
A minute later he turned and sucked the cock of the one who was on the left, and the right one began to masturbate.
And so further satisfied them in turn.
Chubby ass boy also did not go unheeded.
The men spread his legs wider and one after the other they fucked him in the point.
They fucked him in condoms, but when they finished, they jerked them off and poured sperm on his plump body, which, as a rule, was shot close up.
Fifteen minutes later, the one who shot it suddenly took on Toshka’s flushed and happy face.
From behind the camera, he suddenly got into the frame of the operator’s hand, he stretched it to Antokhin’s lips and stuck one finger into his mouth.
Toshka smiled and sucked him, slightly winking at the camera lens.
It became clear that the operator was also not on the sidelines, he either already had a boy, or would have him after the shooting.
I am 38 years old, working as a manager in a foreign firm, making good money, married to a son of 18 years.
I am short, thin, the son is already a head taller than me.
My wife and I have been living together for 19 years and, as in many similar families we are tired of each other, she has ceased to satisfy me, we have very rare sex.
Therefore, I secretly rented a small 1-room apartment in another part of the city, good, I had enough salary, and I began to meet there girls and guys I met on the Internet once a week.
Meetings were usually disposable, something was missing.
And sometimes, when I didn’t get to meet anyone, I just drank beer, watched porn and jerked off alone.
Several times when I ran into the stairs, I met my neighbors, a married couple of my age with my son Oleg, an 18-year-old idiot, 2 heads taller than me, who studied at a vocational school.
One day, when I once again looked at porn, the picture suddenly disappeared, and the beer ran out.
I couldn’t do

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anything with a computer, but I had to go for a beer. How to sex online.

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