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Then she went into the shower and, under the streams of water, imagined herself in the place of that bitch who had just been fucked or licked in a porn movie.
After the orgasm, I wrote with pleasure in the bathroom.
If you wanted to write before bedtime, you would start with a porn site again.

Viewing porn clips greatly expanded the boundaries of my fantasy, it turned out that I was very excited by many things that I had never thought of before.
Although I was aware that I was bisexual and not indifferent to anal sex, but a huge variety of opportunities for getting pleasure from sex pleasantly shocked me.
Porn videos and prompted me out of the situation – you need to buy a vibrator, but rather two: normal and anal.
For the next weekend I planned a trip to the sex shop.

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Svetka said that my idea was “fucked up right” and she would go with me to buy something with a remote control that she could wear for herself or in her panties all day long and not sleep and not be bored in this way at lectures.
Once again I was convinced that my girlfriend, with whom I live in the same apartment and sleep in the same bed, is just an incredible pervert.
And the case with dirty panties that followed in the morning only confirmed my thoughts.
The end of the second part.
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This is the real story of my friend who happened a few years ago.
Having said that she couldn’t hold herself anymore, she told me the story.
We read.
We agreed with my sister to meet after work and chat about this and that.
I lived alone, so with joy in order to avoid evening boredom, I dropped in on my sister.

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At that time I was 28 years old.
The sister was 31, she is a family woman and when we were about to disperse, her husband offered to bring me home, but I wanted to breathe in the fresh summer air and refused, saying that I wanted to take a walk.
At about 23:00 I went home.
And we live in a 15-minute walk each other.
Halfway, two strangers ran up to me, they were about 40 years old.
Began to close my mouth and force to drag for garages.
I did not even have time to understand what was happening and how to react to it.
For the garages, they put a huge knife to my neck and told me that they could put him in the side and cut me to death.
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