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Their embraces became stronger, and lips intertwined in a far from friendly kiss.
Asya with all the passion that is characteristic only of a man, she squeezed a young girl in her arms, until her delicate dexterous fingers began to slide on her back, caressing her skin.
When Asa had enough strength to pull away, she took off her head and her shirt, remaining the same naked.

The young Tatar had a full, well-formed, heavy chest with large puffy dark nipples.
Without losing time, overwhelmed with affection for her friend, she rushed to her and squeezed again in hot embraces.
She clung to the top, pulled the girl’s hands up and kissed her incredibly greedily.
At that moment, Ulyana felt how hot lips opened her mouth, pressed tightly, and then, like a sharp tongue, slightly touched her teeth, which caused a pleasant wave of pleasure to run all over her body.
Hearing a light moan, Asya pressed her breast to her friend’s chest even more tightly and wrapped her legs around her legs.
Ulyana felt her nipples squeeze under the onslaught of nipples that were pressing on them, and weeping grew down between her legs.
“Assenka, stop,” Uliana murmured sleepily, between the hot kisses, “no, it’s a sin.”
– Honey, what is a sin? If there is no man in your life, there will be no sin, Asya prayed.
– After all, we love each other, we are sisters.
Asya caught the pink nipple and sucked it into her mouth.
Then she pressed closer to the body of her friend.
but she nevertheless tried to free herself.
“Why do you resist your feelings, my love?” Trust me.
– With passion, she said Asya, continuing to skillfully kiss her friend, gradually going down to her chest, stomach.
Ulyana closed her eyes and completely surrendered to the power of her hidden feelings and the pressure of her friend.

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Overwhelmed by a passion that is beginning to emerge, overwhelmed by the desire to seize the feelings of her beloved, Asiya gripped her legs with her legs, her hand darted down between their bodies.
Describing a circle on the lower belly of Ulyana, she climbed up with fingers into a growth of white, soft, slightly curly hair, watching the girl shudder under her caresses.
“Still, still, honey, do not stop,” Ulyana moaned, repeating the name of her friend again and again, while she with delicate delicate fingers caressed the delicate skin at the very entrance to the womb.
Asya’s feelings were sharpened to the limit, she wanted only one thing – to bring pleasure to her friend, to prove her love.
Feeling that she was beginning to wriggle, she didn’t think about herself and just wanted to see how she achieves pleasure, wanted to eclipse the memory of that night with Oleg, when Uliana first experienced carnal desire.
Asya never knew lust, never thought about a man seizing her body.
All she needed was for Ulyana to be always there.
Soon she stopped moaning and, stretching sweetly, fell into a deep sleep.
Asya, too, soon fell asleep, clutching in her arms the naked, relaxed body of a friend.
The next morning, Ulyana did not recall the forbidden closeness she had experienced, for her it was just a game, she remembered kisses and hugs, but not how she crossed that line beyond which there are no other friends, but beloved ones.
It has been almost a month since that day.
Asya started to sleep more often in Ulyana’s bed, sometimes they fell asleep, embracing, and occasionally their lips touched, but only for a moment.
On that day, the girls splashed on the river, Ulyana, in an almost completely wet dress, stamped her bare feet on the water, raising millions of splashes, while Asya peered at the curves of her body, waving her chest, waving her arms.

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Soon the frozen Ulyana sent her to the house for a handkerchief and a jug of warm milk, and Asya went to the house.
Seeing a saddled horse in the yard and, not paying attention to the riches of the harness, she decided that one of the Lubich workers arrived.
Passing by the chambers of the owner, the girl froze when she saw the prince.
In her soul, anxiety, a bad foreboding, was born immediately.
The prince arrived alone, without warning.
Asia quietly came closer.
“Give my daughter for me, Yaroslav Andreevich,” said the prince.
– What do you want, ask, but give it back.
“I have one daughter, Vladislav Vladimirovich,” answered Lyubin thoughtfully, “my love, I grew up without a mother, I don’t know the world and men.”
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