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I closed, tried to communicate less with girls.
And my indignation and rage towards Aunt Vika grew, overshadowing the good things she did for me.
But when boiling, all the filth that has accumulated in me, then in my dreams, I did this to her.

“His Majesty the case” intervened in the case.
Being on business in one of the offices, I accidentally went into the office to the chief accountant and was stunned.
She sat at the table! Of course, older, but she! Time, as if it did not touch her, but gave additional charm, added sexuality.
Slightly longer hair, a trimmed figure, the same dimensionless breasts.
I stood rooted to the spot, staring at her in all eyes and not believing them.
Looking up from the papers, Aunt Vick slowly looked up at me and said: “Young man!

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Do not you think that staring at a strange woman is simply indecent! ”
And coquettishly added: “Yes, you just look at me in the hole!”, And laughed.
And I fixed my eyes on her, unable to say anything.
She assessed the eye through my figure, and to my shame, or joy, there was a strong erection! Pants in a causal place just got a hill! Her eyes lingered on him, and she ate audibly whispered: “However!”.
I rather read it over my lips than I heard.
Apparently, she did not recognize me.
I became healthier, I added in the shoulders, and my face has matured.
With difficulty getting out of the stupor, he said: “Sorry, I, it seems, did not get there!”
But she shook her head and said, a sort of sweet-erotic tone that goose bumps ran through me: “And I think you came to the right place!” And nodded at my pants.

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Blushing I tried to leave the room sideways.
But she continued: “Wait.
There is nothing wrong with what happened! This is normal at the sight of a sexy and free woman! Come on in! I will treat you to coffee! “.
As if hypnotized, he moved forward and stopped.
And she had already got up and the graceful gait of a panther, which had gone hunting, was coming towards me.
– My name is Victoria Mikhailovna, you can just Vika! And how do you call it? – An.
– I hesitated, – Andrey! She was wearing a strict, dark gray dress with a deep neckline.
And a long side slit, in which, as it moves, I saw a rounded thigh tightened with an openwork black stocking! – Sit down, Andrew – said Vick, pointing to the chair, which I did not see behind all the vicissitudes of the incident.
– I’ll put the water in now.

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