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Julia buried her face in the pillow.
A minute later, Katya appeared, in her hands was a heating pad half filled with water, several tips and a jar of sunflower oil.
From the wall she took a small picture, and hung a heating pad on a vacant carnation.

Then she chose the smallest tip, smeared it thoroughly with oil, and inserted it into the hose.
– Lift her, she told Pasha ,, – I need to spread an oilcloth.
Pasha raised the girl over the sofa while Katya laid the oilcloth.
Then he also carefully put it back.
– Julia, take off your panties, and lay on your side, like your mother taught you last time.
Julia lay without stirring.
– Did you hear what I told you? Julia still ignored her sister.
Then Katya turned to Pasha.
“Turn her on her side, and hold her so that she does not resist.”
Pasha did as he was asked.
Kate pulled up a short little dress, and pulled off her panties with her sister.
She did not even resist.
Then she asked Pasha to bend Yulia’s legs closer to her stomach.
Kate put her finger in a jar of oil, with her free hand parted her sister’s ass cheeks, and smeared her anus. Live sex casting.

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