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In the absence of present-day entertainment, we spent days on the streets or let airplanes from the balcony, since the day his apartment was completely free.
Actually, it all started with this.
Once again, having filled the entire courtyard with paper fighters and fearing the just retribution of the local janitor Uncle Petit, we wisely stayed at home, not really knowing what to do.

And then he said the phrase that defined our relationship for years to come.
Pulling on his pants and throwing a shirt over the top, the guys rushed into the bath in short rushes.
It was necessary to have time to wash the stains and wash.
When the three of them, together with their mother, went down to the porch, there already stood “Barguzin” of Uncle Lesha.
Throwing things inside, the guys climbed back to the end of the cabin, and Vovkina’s mother sat in the front seat next to Uncle Lesha.
We left the yard.
It was a quiet spring morning.
Almost empty streets that had just been rinsed by watering machines and the water on the roadside dust had not yet dried up from water splashes.
The bright scent of fresh poplar leaves hung in the air.
“Barguzin”, gaining momentum, merrily ran through the city that had not yet awakened.
Quickly, the center was still completely empty, turned to the bridge.
Every minute the sun grew warmer and warmer, and the air was filled with sweet spring aromas.
While we were driving through Chernavsky Bridge, Sasha looked at the “Voronezh Sea” with all his eyes and tried to imagine how Don would look in the vicinity of the village.
Vovka sat with a mysterious smile and looked now at the water, now sneaking at Sasha and a beaming smile flashed across the corners of his lips, which he tried to restrain in gusts.

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Here and the city behind.
They quickly reached the junction, turned onto the Saratov highway and rushed, almost without meeting cars, in the direction of Volgogradka.
The sun had already risen quite high and began to burn through the glass to Vovkin’s mother almost immediately overcame.
She sat in the front seat and nodded.
Uncle Lesha was all swallowed up by the road.
He listened to the radio tedious political program about the financial crisis and other nonsense and, as usual for many drivers during the long-range battle, “talked to the radio.”
Nobody paid any attention to the rear cabin.
From the road shaking, Vovka got up again, he stretched sweetly, stretching his arms upwards, straightening his swollen carrot with his fingers, which the panties pressed uncomfortably on.
Vovka remembered Sasha’s morning riser from which a languor appeared in his body, a sticky fog began to rise in his head, and the member began to whine sweetly and became completely stony.
In general, Vovka once again settled hooligan devil.
He looked at Sasha, dozing on the seat next to him.
I made sure that the mother sleeps, and Uncle Alex can hardly see them through the row of seats with high head restraints behind him.
Vovka carefully put Sasha’s hand on his knee.
Then, quietly, on the inside of the thighs, began to rise higher.
Sasha stirred, but pretended not to wake up.
Reaching the edge of the leg, the hand stopped for a moment.
Sasha felt Vovka’s fingers gently but persistently making their way into the gap between the thigh and the leg.
A few more movements with his fingers and now their tips, breaking the bezel of the pants of the pants, gently touched the testicle.
Sasha’s heart sped up, but he decided to continue to pretend to be asleep, expecting what would happen next.
As if in a dream, he only moved a little on the seat and moved his leg so that there was more room in the trouser-leg, where a hand climbed and Vova had the opportunity to move forward more

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Sasha wanted so much that Vovka touched him more.
– “Do not spiiiit hose!” – Vovka noted to himself with pleasure, seeing Sasha playing along with him, and continued more boldly. Live sex s web kameroi.

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