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I do not know for sure.
Unnecessary questions, gourmet preparations and unnecessary excitement – all indicated that Ariana was about to take decisive action.
Velvet should have done something, at least something warning to say to a crazy girl, but on the one hand, he just felt funny (as always), but on the other – just lazy.

From the magic depths of Ariana’s bag, a bottle of “Cabernet” came into being, highly valued by the students claiming to be an epicurean.
– What are celebrating something, gracious queen of the fish? – Nothing.
Just my mood is good.
To you here came to visit.
– Recently, I have not experienced feelings of hunger.
I even do not know why.
– I know.
– Why? Ariana is silent, modestly downcast in a monastic way.
– It is better to open the bottle, not for me to mess with it.
I’m still a lady.
To some extent she is right, and there is nothing left for Velvet to do but how to start the search for an ever-lost corkscrew.
The search for confusion and fun – for some reason the chairs are turned over, the plates fly off the table, fortunately without breaking.
But Ariana doesn’t seem to notice anything.
Finally, the wine is poured into glasses, which in turn are lifted to the ceiling.
– I drink for you, – Ariana is solemn as at the pioneer post at the eternal flame, – more precisely, for the best that is in you and that you have not managed to destroy so far.
– That is, for my healthy lungs non-smoker? But Ariana has already drunk.
Some time passes in complete silence.
Ariana diligently eats sausage.
Velvet monitors the work of her jaws.
– And I want to drink for the scandalous news agency, which by all its achievements is completely obliged to you, my dear, megapolis sun.
Ariana could not even choke reliably.

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She drank a cocktail of insult, dry wine and neglect, without even thinking to ask for an explanation.
She has only one thing, to translate the conversation in a different direction – after all, she did not come to find out the relationship.
– Put the music.
Remember this funny, you played the last time when we sunbathed.
Oh yes! How could he have forgotten such an event, full of delicate intimacy and tickling nerves of easy indecency.
Last Monday, just before the exam on the strength of materials, Ariana came to offer a trip to the beach.
To the beach? What the hell is the beach ?! Velvet was even taken aback – I have either Armageddon tomorrow or the Holocaust – there is no third option, if I do not pass the exam, I cannot see the “stipe” as my ears.
He himself stood in front of her in the same swimming trunks – relatives nevertheless, why be shy, and who else – Ariana ?! – do not make me laugh.
During the session he himself was too lazy to go to the beach – far away, stuffy, and even one or two lectures on the strength of it could be read, which immediately disappear from the head to the sound of waves and beer splashing.
From morning till noon the sun was beating directly at the windows of the apartment; killing two hares, he usually rolled on a balcony couch, sunbathing and bison resisting material, only occasionally running out to the refrigerator, where a can of kvass was placed in advance, or in a shower.
So what am I going to go alone to the beach? If you want to sunbathe, I can only offer my couch.
And then only if you do not interfere.
I will not, I will not, you can not doubt.
Her voice rings with convincing copper, in which not only is she willing to remain silent, but — if necessary — readiness to self-flagellation.
Velvet has a soft heart.
Come, undress, sunbathe.
It does not even occur to him that during the storm the soul of poor girl Ariana is tormented by doubts and passions.
She is left alone with him, which in itself means nothing, but you have to (do you want?) To undress almost completely under the pretext of sunbathing – and how can it all end

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? Let them be relatives – but the seventh water, and he is still no man, is it unknown whether he would like Ariana’s magnificent body (although it is unprepossessing, but who knows what ideas may arise in the molten sun and the copromat man’s brains ).
But how much of it is pleasant in this danger.
If it does, I will slap him.
And do not climb.
will be a fool.
It remains only to hope that the mellowness of his brain remains within the limits of sanitary standards. Live sex text chat.

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