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Polina did not expect that today she would have to experience this kind of caress.
She knew that many men and even some women love anal sex, but she had no idea why.
Only now she realized how nice it is.

A male finger gently and gently stretched the hole of the anus and, stroking, sinking into the anus.
The other finger had already reached her virgin point and was looking for a passage in it, stretching it, forcing the girl to arch in her back.
The sensation of movement, where there used to be emptiness and complete intimacy, excited the girl, and she responded to the caresses of the man with her tenderness.
She licked, kissed and sucked his dick, and then, with a little doubt, moistened her finger in the saliva and began to stroke his anus.
It was so unexpected and pleasant that Sergey did not have time to restrain his blast of pleasure and jerked his hips forward, pushing his penis deeper into the girl’s mouth, began to spit out the third portion of sperm today.

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A tart, brackish liquid spread in the mouth, and she began to swallow it.
Everything happened so unexpectedly and quickly that Polina did not even have time to get scared.
– I love you, Paulie! Sergey hugs and kisses the girl on the lips and leaves the room.
In his absence, Polina tries with her tongue to collect all the remnants of male sperm inside her mouth and swallow it.
But saliva is not enough, and the sperm is thick and sticks to the palate and teeth.
But Sergey came back, carrying a glass of water in his hand.
It really helped.
Then the lovers lay together for a long time, just hugging and foolishly smiling at each other.
The day passed in walks around the city, shopping and cinema.
The film turned out to be very emotional and interesting, and Sergey and Polina discussed it all the way home.
– Not.

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I do not agree that a woman is obliged to forgive her husband’s adultery.
It’s not fair! – But she herself was to blame! Is not it so? – What is to blame? What was pregnant, and then engaged in a child? – Not.
Not that.
She stopped noticing a man in the house.
– So she became a mother! Baby in the first place! – Perhaps, but a man should be in the same place where he was! Otherwise, he ceases to be a man.
– Something I do not understand you.
– A man also needs the attention of a woman.
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