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My wife and I went to bed, Lyokha was still watching TV.
“Listen,” I asked my wife, “I want you to do me the same as him,” he said shyly.

– What exactly? – the wife looked at me.
– Well, suck there and all that, – for some reason I concealed.
The wife smiled and immediately removed the blanket.
I pulled down my panties and started sucking my dick.
I pulled him out and put her testicles to her face, but for some reason my wife immediately took the dick in her hand and continued to suck it.
“He disdains to lick me like he does, here’s a bitch,” I thought.
Two minutes passed and I fired, after the accumulated excitement of all our conversations.
The wife managed to pull out a member and substitute the belly.
Tanya wiped the sperm and lay down next.
“Gray,” she conspires.
– What? – I asked.
– And Lyosha is leaving soon, right? – Curiously asked his wife.
– Yes, in a week somewhere.
– BUT.
can i have one more time with him? – the wife immediately turned away.
– Fuck? I asked calmly.
Although what is there calm.
I mean it is calm, but my friend has already begun to pour again.
– Yes, if of course you do not mind? – I decided to clarify my favorite.
– OK Go.
My wife began to shine in my eyes and flew to my face with joy.
– Thank you, darling.
You know, I love only you, ”said his wife, and after a moment her trace caught cold in our bedroom.
Well, of course, for a long time

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I could not sit still, I felt the horns grow more and more.
She loves me, but she wants to fuck with him – iron logic.
I decided to take a look at what they do there.
Surprisingly, Lyokha’s bedroom was empty.
“Oh yeah, he’s watching TV.”
The door was closed, but I looked out through the peephole and saw the following picture: The wife is sitting on top of Lyokha and facing her.

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She gradually and cyclically moves up and down, and he lowered her left shoulder strap to the dress and sucks her breast.
Tanya raised her head, apparently from pleasure, and completely controls the process.
“She doesn’t do that to me for some reason?” I was indignant about myself.
Maybe I’m really indifferent to her.
My member was already ready for battle again and my only desire now was to go in there and stick it in my wife’s mouth.
But something was holding me back, some internal constraint.
My wife seems to be mine, but she has another one now, to whom she has completely given herself.
Lech stopped sucking and started to say something quietly in his wife’s ear.
His bass came to me periodically.
I heard a few words and one of them was something like “.
The wife smiled and added “Yes.”
“Shoe? Or maybe a pot? Or a hood? The chop is about what is it? About me, or what? ”The wife couldn’t say“ yes ”to his remark about a hoe if it concerned me ?! Nonsense of some kind.
I continued to listen, but besides my wife’s growing groans, I heard nothing.
The wife has already started jumping on him like a real whore.
And then he roared softly and the cyclical nature of the movements began to subside.
“He ended up at her again, it seems she doesn’t care about that.”
I went to the bathroom to jerk a little and relieve the heat that had accumulated after what I saw.
When I returned, my wife was already in bed and asleep.
I lifted the blanket, turned on the night light and brought it to my wife’s panties.
Yes, I was right, her panties are wet and sperm flowed from under them.
The next day, my wife woke up as if nothing had happened and took me to work.
I did not find a place for myself and the thoughts about the work did not get along in my head.
All I thought was whether my wife was cheating on me now and in what position Lech fucked her.
In the evening, after returning home, we sat down to have dinner together.
After dinner, they turned on the TV and I started to clap the channels.
My wife was sitting on the couch, I was on the other side of the couch, and Lyokha was on the armchair.
The conversation did not go well and we just stared at the blue screen.
() Then Lech decided to interrupt the idyll.
– Tanya, and help me with bed? It seems to me that he needs to be replaced, – Lech asked quite seriously.
– My wife stood up and at first wanted to go, but then turned to me and asked – will I go and see, okay, honey? She asked me.
I was silent and did not know what to say. Live sexy video clip.

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