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All this time, I slowly moved my fingers back and forth, then almost pulling out, then thrusting back.
Finally, I began to try to shove my wife in the ass the whole fist.
It turned out to be difficult: Lena’s anus was poorly developed, so he succumbed with difficulty for me and with pain for her.

When half of the fist disappeared inside Lenina’s ass, I sharply pressed and drove my hand into her anal almost 20 cm.
Lena all twitched in pain, tried to scream, but the gag did not allow her to do so.
I slowly pulled out my hand, then put it back and so several times – so that I got used to it.
Then I began to accelerate the pace of my movements and, finally, began to move my hand as quickly as I could.
My wife was wriggling as much as the ropes would allow, she felt pain mixed with excitement and passion.
A minute later I felt that she was finishing – her anus squeezed my wrist tightly, she moaned loudly.
Then I literally pulled my hand out of her anus, causing her severe pain.
Now the sphincter ring was greatly expanded and looked like a gaping hole.
I took a dildo and shoved it there the entire length.
It was the turn to experience the second hole of my wife.
I pulled a vibrator out of her vagina, put a big rubber cock in it, fuck Lena to them.
She finished the second time, and quite quickly.

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But this did not stop me, I continued to fuck her for another fifteen minutes.
Then I left the phallus inside it, moved away.
My wife was sweating all over, her body glistened in the world, her head was helplessly lowered onto the bed.
I untied the gag, gave her a free breath.
– This is only the beginning, there are still two days ahead, and this night

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is not over yet – I said.
After that, I approached her from behind, freed the anal and put my dick in there – the time has come and I myself have to work.
Lena’s booty was so expanded that it almost did not resist my invasion, I entered it easily and painlessly for my wife.
But as soon as I started the movement, the anus squeezed sharply, tightly wrapped around my penis.
I moved as abruptly as I could, I wanted to fuck Lena as hard as possible, which I did quite well – Lena barely held out a cry, she was so hurt.
Soon I finished and replaced my penis with an artificial one.
Then I untied Lena – for today it was the end.
Yes, I have not seen her so exhausted: she could barely move.
It only remained to prepare her for bed.
I asked her to put on special pants: short but rather thick dildos were attached to them opposite the anus and vagina – this is so that while the wife slept her holes would continue to be open and stretch.
After that we went to bed.
Being in a week trip, I settled in a double room.
My neighbor was a young guy involved in cargo management and other related matters.
In the evening, we took alcohol for an acquaintance, and I started talking about prostitutes.
Word for word, and here we turned to the attendant on the floor asking for help in organizing an “evening” with the girls.
The person on duty (she was a well-groomed lady of thirty-five) refused, referring to the strict hotel routine, but hinted that she was taking a shift in half an hour, and could brighten up our loneliness for a hundred “greens.”
We enthusiastically agreed. Livejasmin full site.

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