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His name was Jerry Milson.
I consulted with colleagues, what they advised me to unnecessarily climb into this shit, it can end badly.
But since I was ambitious, I just could not stop.

I arranged night surveillance, watched where he went, watched his charges, with whom he communicates, to whom they sell drugs, took pictures, eavesdropped conversations and so on.
And so one night, when I almost found out what was happening to me, I had trouble.
People who were sitting in the car, apparently understood that I was watching them, as they got out of the car.
These were 2 black bulged thugs.
They immediately went to my car.
I tried to slip away, but the car would not start.
When they got closer, one of them forcefully pulled me out of the car, and gave it to me in the face that I was lost for a while.
After that, they dragged me to garages that were not far away.
Since it was night, it was pointless to call for help, especially not everyone can still help.
I tried to run away from them, but immediately got hit in the jaw.
I no longer had the strength to resist.
When they dragged me into the garages, one of the blacks took out a knife and cut through my pants and underpants that they fell, I was with a bare ass, at night, near the garages with blacks.
In general, they raped me, after which they beat and threw you a garbage can.
And they told me to never watch again, and forget everything I know about them.
after that I lost consciousness and woke up in the hospital, my anal was sewed several times, as it was badly torn, my face was all in abrasions and blue-collar! Now I won’t leave it for sure.
To be continued.
This is a true story.
I am a cute guy of 27 years.
I tried sweets of anal sex about 10 years ago, since then I don’t know how to live without him, despite the fact that I’m married) I am heterosexual, probably because of this I still haven’t had a man, I haven’t ever been hot alive member.

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really like.
In the end, I decided to start with a couple, to somehow experience a man nearby.
On the Internet, met a couple, agreed to meet.
And so, at the appointed time and place we meet up with the guy, I was not much embarrassed that he was alone, but he reassured that his wife would soon drive up.
I did not argue, for I was sobering up so that my whole body shook.
We arrived at the hotel ,.
all the wife is not.
In the room I understood.
that it will not be.
I washed beforehand and all that.
He told me that I would undress, and he pulled out the bags and something that caused me to sweat, a

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lump rolled up to my throat, and a member, it was not noticeable for me to stand up so that a trickle of transparent lubricant began to stand out from the head.
These were women’s things: a wig, black fishnet stockings, tight skirt, and blouse.
transparent on a huge platform and very tall heels sandals.
I dreamed of such.
I used to change into my wife’s things, which gave me quite a bit of pleasure, and my ass was round and plump, and in this form it was very sexy.
It happened that even my wife, when I get out of the shower, pats her ass, saying: “Damn! you have an ass like a woman !!! ”and I am satisfied with myself)) It takes 5 minutes, he comes out of the shower and saw hissed:“ Fuck !! this is ass !!! I lay down on the bed in full ammunition back to him, sticking out the ass, slightly covered with a black skirt.
Then he ordered me to go to him.
, fucking excitement, I almost finished !!! I, as the last slut, and my kind was talking about this, defiled around the room, wagging my backside, an impressive surprise stuck out from under my skirt.
My new owner was about 35 years old, of dense build, and with a huge crooked member.
I was already anticipating how I will suck it.
I crouched before him, legs apart.
it was hard to hold such heels.
I took his cock with shaking hands.
, slowly began to lick the head.
oh hell, I thought like a pro, I caressing his testicles with my other hand.
He took my head in a huge paw and planted my head in the very throat.
I could not breathe, but he vyebal slap me in the face, and said that if I would fuck me fucked up.
I did not fuck.
His dick penetrated into my throat, lubricated it with my grease, my cock was ready to burst.
Then he ordered me to go to the bed, and get cancer, for fucking viduha probably super.
I obeyed, he turned me around, my ass felt like the approach of a member, and began to pour.
He relish greased my hole and pushing the head, with a little effort entered.
“Fuck, here you are fucking, point fucked, how the hell went.
“- He constantly sentenced me to the mother, and the eggs clapped on the buttocks. Love live lesbian.

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