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Kiliry, go to the Priestess with apologies and best wishes.
Do not forget to notify her about our intentions to give them the finds and hint at reciprocity.
– I understood, master.

– whispered Kiliri and disappeared into the polytron.
– Cyclades? – inquired Riata, seeing the slender girl with his eyes.
The open cut of the Minoan dress did not fit her modest breasts.
– Yes.
The daughter of a priest and a slave.
– hard answered Carfaro.
I said nothing.
– Go after me, my son – gently continued Riat.
“Find out what the Temple thinks about the coven and prevent the Redhead from being killed.”
We still need it.
I nodded, saluted him and the Priestess, and left.
Akaro worked great.
Well remembering what happened to the previous prisoners, he took special measures of protection.
The cells were closed on top of a wooden floor, and the captives were mixed.
In addition, it was possible to prevent a couple of poisonings – several captives-robbers were declared “new especially dangerous” criminals.
In the morning they were poisoned, a pair of neophytes joined the interrogated.
– How are you, Akaro? – I asked, after greeting the giant.
– Have fun with them.
Much more fun than with artisans who tried to climb through the midnight “rites of purification.”
We laughed.
They exchanged a couple of tales, when suddenly the chief of the guard told a story that definitely blocked the rest in absurdity and fun.
The idiot was the blame for everything – the guard from the new ones and Akaro’s certain nonsense.
Disguise played a cruel joke.
The guard, dissatisfied with the past of the ritual of purification, broke down when he saw a “temple thief” who had not a perfect, but a good body.

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Snarling (as it seems to me), he descended into the pit to the girl.
Cultist and did not think at first to resist.
And the guard was trained in manners.
He ripped off a long skirt unceremoniously and began stroking the full thighs of the kultist.
Put two fingers into the cave of the girl.
Jokingly joked, feeling the moisture.
Slightly moving his fingers, I decided – enough for the thief, put him against the wall of the pit, lifted the skirt, and went inside.
Perhaps, he incidentally crushed her chest and ass, I do not know – did not see.
Unlucky guard three times.
The first time was when he got to the Ritual of Renewal (intra-orgy, simply put) only by a security guard.
The second time – when he began to fuck kultistku.
And the third one – when I decided that she was quite gentle in order to put her trunk into her throat.
As he admitted later, at first it was quite nice – the throat expanded well and the language worked actively.
when he was found at the bottom of the cage, he was almost bled to death.
His detached device lay nearby.
Cultist was very confused.
Fortunately, the guards quickly missed the idiot – they managed to stop the blood and sew the detached dignity.
True, the healer did not promise his normal work.
The prisoner was nearly killed – the head of the guard saved her from quick death.
The author ventured to leave this episode, perfectly aware of the likelihood of successful completion of the operation in such ancient times.
– I could only speak when the attack of laughter retreated – “I’m talking about the same thing,” Akaro chuckled. “How did you punish him?” “Why,” he said. “Why?” He broke the rules.
– And almost lost his dignity, whom he regularly boasted.
And maybe lost.
By sharing it, let him recover, we’ll see what to do with him.
– What is heard from Kostis? Giant frowned.
– Locked in

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with the redhead.
I do not know what he is doing with her, but she is still alive and sometimes she answers something.
– Did you receive a message from Carfaro? – What is the message? – He asked.
I explained – This is the right thing.
You know what I think, Torodo? Soon you will go to another palace to figure out these creatures. Mother daughter naked webcam.

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