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Looking at them on the screen of the camera, but made adjustments and photographed again.
That made her very excited.
She was so divided that she began to photograph some private parts of the body.

Here is a picture of her chest, here is another, here is her ass, here is pubis.
After a little doubt, but succumbing to the excitement, she takes pictures of her crack.
Looking at the screen, she changes her position and takes a shot again.
Then she lies down on the bed, spreads her legs strongly and relieves herself in that position.
But the picture in her opinion does not reflect the beauty of her body.
She puts the camera on a delayed mode, places it on a chair and begins to pose more freely.
Here is a snapshot when she lies on her back, and her legs are spread apart, and she opens her slit with her hands, pointing her whip to the lens.

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Here it is on all fours, reveals and shows itself in this position.
Here she is with a finger in her pussy, here she is masturbating, so she shows on the palm a selection made from the holes.
In the midst of the fun, she hears the front door open.
She quickly grabs clothes, a camera and puts things in order.
She only manages to wear a dress, hiding panties and a bra under the pillow.
Sergey enters carefully into the bedroom, apparently thinking that she is still asleep.
They meet with looks and in order not to betray their excitement, Polina rushes to the man on the neck and starts kissing.
– Where did you run! I was so freaked out! – Paulie! What are you doing? All is well! – Gone like that, quit and now everything is all right? – Yes, I had to go to my mother.

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I always go to her on weekends.
– To mom – this is serious! Then there are no complaints! Polina feels that she has coped with anxiety and releases the man’s neck.
She sees that the camera is treacherously looking out from under the pillow, but manages to fix it imperceptibly.
Sergey does not notice the excitement of the girl, the hidden things and begins to change clothes, taking off his suit.
Polinka is happy to watch him expose.
“Now will you dance for me?” – What? BUT! Yes please! Voicing the well-known melody from a vintage film – Emmanuel, Sergey awkwardly and ineptly dances, taking off the elements of clothing.
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