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William is a handsome man, and what, and if he hadn’t been so young and obviously from the Bison Club, Leonard would have liked to follow him with pleasure, but the boy could hardly have turned fourteen, but in five years: m-yes, in five years: And the young, gifted, but slightly disorderly mage began to indulge in sexual fantasies typical of his age, the main object of which was the youth sitting in front of him.
True, in fantasy he was a couple of years older.
Leonard had just begun to think that after such thoughts he would need solitude, which he would not get for quite a long time, as the coach jumped on the bump and tilted.

From unexpectedness, the object of the passionate dreams did not keep its fragile little body on the seat and flopped down on the fellow traveler.
If Leonard was not against such a neighborhood, then the folio engraved into a very sensitive and enlarged place turned out to be too unpleasant appendage.
– Oh! – the magician wailed not with his voice, bending in half and falling on the seat.
The stagecoach stopped, there was a loud clatter, and the door flew open.
“Uh, are you all right?” – asked the driver, apparently alarmed by the inhuman cry of pain.
– Yes.
This is not fatal, – William answered indifferently under quiet howls.
The driver did not take a sympathetically surprised look from Leonard’s groin.

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– Is everything all right? Leonard nodded weakly, trying to control the flow of tears, and soon the movement resumed again.
William gracefully crossed his legs and laid the unfortunate book on his knee.
Leonard, wiping his involuntary tears, looked at her with contempt and hatred, but the folio was exactly one and a half, like his owner.
The magician sulked a little on them, and gave himself over to reflections on the upcoming meeting with luxury, leisurely dozing the last piece of stale bread.
By tomorrow evening, they should arrive in the city, and there: Leonard smiled, trying not to think about having to spend the night on a hard seat in the company of this boring boy: Although in visions that flashed before his clouded eyes some time ago, he was not boring was rather the opposite.
– Well, how was it? – William asked.
– What? – I did not understand Leonard, watching as the fellow traveler locks the windows, behind which there was a solid darkness.
– passed? – William asked, nodding at his groin.
“Uh, yes,” Leonard mumbled.
“Fine,” William grinned, pulling off his coat.
– What are you doing? – Leonard asked in amazement.
“Undress if you haven’t noticed,” William sniffed, shedding his shirt.
– What for? The boy turned his eyes to the ceiling: – Now you will see.
The next second, he was already sitting on it, kissing eagerly.
Leonard jerked, trying to pull away, but William squeezed his hips tightly with his knees, not allowing him to throw off, and his hands were already rapidly freeing him from his clothes.
Somewhere it took Leonard half a minute to weigh

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all the pros and cons, after which he responded tightly to the boy, pushing his tongue.
William had already reached his shirt, almost tearing it from impatience, sliding the crotch along his rapidly swelling member, bound by pantaloons. Nude body girl cam.

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