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There are a number of physiological reasons.
Have you been tested? – Yes, everything is fine with my body.
That’s why I came to you, doctor.

They say you are a good specialist.
– Thank you for your trust, I will do everything possible to get rid of the disease.
I would like you to tell me about when you started this.
– Hmm.
It’s hard for me to say.
As a teenager, I was often interested in gender relations.
I liked to look at my girlfriends in the shower, I always wanted to look at the boys, what are their members.
The Internet has become for me just Klondike porn.
(It became noticeable that she started up) – Did you often relieve tension? – Doctor, at another time I would be ashamed to answer, but I will tell you – very often.
Sometimes 6-7 times a day.
– Teenage hypersexuality is not yet a sign of nymphomania.

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Tell me more about the first experience.
– I lost my virginity at 18.
By chance.
Although I really wanted it.
It can be said that everything went after that.
– By chance? Do you mean it happened against your will? If you were forced, it could affect your sexuality, and in general – the psyche as a whole.
– Not that against the will.
I can tell you what happened then.
– Of course, listening is my profession.
Lie down on the couch comfortably and tell.
Like most of the girls in the class, I really liked one boy – Vlad Savinov.
He already looked like an adult, and he talked mostly with older guys.
Smoked, stylishly dressed, was the star of the local basketball team.
Tall, strong and stately.
In general, I can say – I flowed like the last bitch and dreamed of such a handsome man in the evenings.

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I myself was in the swimming section, and it was my habit to linger in the shower after classes, to dream about Vlad and massage the clitoris, which was sick of lust.
Oh, how many sweet moments I spent in dreams that Vlad accidentally went into the shower and, seeing me naked, moaning, in the foam, with smooth skin, with excited pink nipples, would jump to me like a tiger and take me right on the tile floor.
I just went crazy and didn’t even always notice what was going on around me.
The thought is material, doctor, and in the end something happened that should have been.
Well, or almost that.
Vlad’s twin sister Anya studied with me in the swimming section.
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