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Realizing that silence means consent, and she won the dispute, Lera leaned on the edge of the kitchen table, bending slightly.
Spreading her legs wide apart, she lifted the edge of her robe above the waist, bulging her buttocks, still burning with a blush.
– Well, proceed, and that time is ticking, and you have less than ten minutes left, commanded by Lera.

The third time this day, his gaze appeared this charmingly harmonious bare ass, which, even under clothes, always brought him to madness.
Lyonchik now and did not have to ask and persuade.
In this situation, he gladly squatted down and pressed his lips into the swollen anus.
Instantly aroused, he with wild greed, began to suck the contents of the anus, consisting of the semen of two men.
Lera stood and straightened, squeezing anal sperm with all her might.
And it all flowed and flowed in a continuous stream, smearing on the face, and the inside of the buttocks.
Burst out Leonid tried not to shed a single drop, passionately licking the flowing lava.
And when she stopped erupting, he dug again into the hot hole.
Insatiable young man more and more pulled into a little star, not wanting to part with it.
But the strict woman asked him to hurry up, and it is good to lick the crotch and buttocks, so that no trace remains.
Wanting to finish with an orgasm, he began to intensively lead his tongue in a pink halo, dropping down to the genital lips.
Then, tightly hugging her hips, he just stuck his snake in a relaxed anus, and began to make circular movements around the perimeter of the swollen ringlet.
Lera could barely hold back the moans, tightly biting her lips.

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Another minute, and she would have swum from an orgasm, but not giving herself a will, she understood why this whole undertaking.
Leonid shook slightly, groaned through his teeth, and felt his underpants fill up with hot and sticky liquid.
He pressed his cheek to Lera Pope, continuing to squat, in an embrace with delicate thighs.
Having gathered all his will into a fist, Lera asked: “Well, how well did the licked, the experts not find the sperm?” – Should not, well, if bad, I can and more.
– ABOUT! Yes, you seem to have finished? Did you like my hubby’s sperm? – I liked you, seriously answered the guy.
I am ready to do everything for you, just poppppprosi, he answered with a shiver.
– And you can ask more not to touch me, if this happens again, or somewhere you boast that you had the wife of your teacher, I’m filming this video on a camera, where only my butt from which you lick the sperm are visible, I will post on the internet on your website.
– You can not worry, if I wanted to blab out, I did it a long time ago, I’m just in love with you, and they don’t talk about lovers badly.
– Poor do not speak, but in the ass means fucked.
Nor would it be a shame if you were in my vulvochku.
“Well, I was there at the beginning, but I didn’t risk it, fearing that you might become pregnant.”
I decided to finish on the buttocks, but you yourself lit them up, and I decided not to dirty your ass outside, poured inside.
– Wow, what a sissy, and what else did you do, how many times did you have time to fuck me, let’s lay it out.
– It turns out three.
The first time your spouse washed in the bathroom.
I did not know that he was at home, just seeing you naked with divorced hips, and even near torn panties.
I thought that my husband had offended you, I wanted to regret, stroke.
And you began to be frankly excited, well, and I just could not resist, and began to fuck you violently in pussy.
But when I heard the lock in the bathroom clicked, I got down, and I had to hide behind the closet.
Later, I became even more excited when Roman Alekseevich was making love to you for more than half an hour.
And when he went to work, I again approached you, began to stroke the ass

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and hips, well, but you did not object, and the second time I plunged into pussy. Private sex skype.

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