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After ten minutes of this torture, Lola removed her legs from Sergey’s face and again put them on in her shoes.
Serezha had to endure another half an hour.
His bladder bulged very hard, but Olya knew that this was not the limit.

She went into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, and pulled out a half-empty package of apple juice.
The icy liquid that seeps into Sergey’s stomach should speed up his desire to empty his overflowing bladder.
And then he could not bear even longer.
And then he would have to carry out her orders again.
Olya smiled and, coming out of the kitchen, walked over to the young man with a package of cold apple juice.
She tore off the scotch from his mouth and, opening the bag, brought it to Serezha’s lips.
Nooo, – he moaned, – I can no longer.
This is the last thing you have to drink, – said the girl, – Drink, or I will show pictures.
Sergey began to drink and painfully swallowed this juice for about five minutes.
When the bag was completely finished, tears flowed from the young man’s eyes, he groaned. Sex cam sex cam.

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