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Perhaps many do not know, but I will say that almost every girl dreams that her boyfriend fucked her in the ass, but just afraid of either pain or tell him about it.
I advise you not to fear because the first time only hurts a little, quite a bit, and then it becomes pleasant.
Well, of course the guy should not have a huge penis to the knee, the average normal size, and then I’m sure everything will be fine.

From the outset, you need to buy a special lubricant, such are sold in sex shops and similar stores.
You can certainly do with simple sunflower oil, but then there will be discomfort, so it is better to use special lubricants.

Pose in principle does not matter, you can cancer, sideways, on the back, etc.
but got up in a pose of cancer, so it is most convenient for me to relax.
the most important thing is relax and do not be afraid.
A guy must enter a member slowly, gently and not hard constantly pouring lubricant on the penis.
If you are not relaxed, then you will not succeed, you will simply strain your ass and the muscles of the anus will automatically tighten and it will be even more painful for you and your boyfriend.

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And in order to feel relaxed, you must firstly have nothing to eat before, although this had to be said at the very beginning, secondly, the mood should be relaxing.
Prepare, create an intimate atmosphere, put out the light, light candles, drink champagne, it will even be better if you drink a little, but not much.
Do not rush and first caress each other, let him do cunnilingus for you, and you give him a blowjob.
Thus, you will feel easy and not afraid of anything.
The main goal is for the guy to go inside completely, not immediately, of course, but to achieve this, otherwise there is no point in trying to have anal sex at all.
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