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said Arkhip, and again neither disgust nor contempt sounded in his voice.
Ordinary Arkhipov clearly did not fit into the paradigm of ecclesiastical and criminal concepts – he did not have in his heart those feelings that, in accordance with these concepts, were supposed to be either tested or demonstrated.
– So, so.

life goes on! Now, fuck, wash it all away.
and the floor, fucking, and the wall – where the junior sergeant of the Cormorants did it.
so that everything was clean – so that everything sparkled! Understood me? The hare, looking up at Arkhip standing in front of him, nodded silently.
– Clean, fuck, urinals – so they also glittered like eggs from a March cat.
and – at two o’clock you wake up Hose – he will replace you, and you will go to sleep. Sex live tv chanal.

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