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In the dress of the maid, the woman awaits the master.
In the front hallway voices are heard.
The master is not alone.

Stella about such things do not warn.
She does not have the right to know about the intentions, concerns, plans and the life of the owner in general, if this does not concern her directly.
She is only his toy, rejoicing when he deigns to pay attention to her.
The door opens.
Stella lifts her boobs in her palms.
This is the only way she can greet the host.
No other way, she should not show her presence, or, especially, any emotions.
The light comes on, hurting his eyes.
Stella hastily shut her eyes.
All the same, she should not look up at the owner and those who entered.
With choked exclamations, Stella realizes that there are two men with the owner.
Perhaps the owner will make her please them.
A wave of excitement runs through the female body, and Stella barely suppresses the tremor of anticipation of being a litter for several men at once.
With the permission of the owner, of course.
Stella sneaks up her breath. Sex movie online video.

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