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And then I let him go and swallow your scrotum.
I tongue around your testicles, biting the base of the scrotum with your teeth, your hair crunching on my teeth.
Your reddened tense cock goes up and down in front of my eyes, giving me real physical pleasure.

I feel that I begin to choke with impatience, and my uterus pulses as violently as my breath.
I know that you are close to an eruption and again take the penis in my mouth, and with my fingers of my left hand I begin to stroke my pussy, lips of the vagina and the clitoris, to get ready for the moment when you explode with passion and, ozverev from the desire to finish, throw me on the bed by spreading my legs as wide as possible.
You begin to greedily kiss everything – lips, clit, crotch and anus.
You try to penetrate the tongue deeper into the vagina, and I fingered my clitoris, bringing myself to a climax.
When we both can no longer hold back, you throw my feet on your shoulders and powerfully enter me.
I’m all burning from this power, I feel how your cock fills me without a trace and, at the last moment, I finish, squeezing the muscles of the vagina so much that you start to growl and even more and deeper push the member into me.
I feel how the head rests against the cervix that has just finished, and it is at the same time a little painful and incredibly cool! I can only wheeze, asking for more and more, and here you explode, spewing a stream of semen.
Your sperm pours into me as if quenching the flame of an orgasm, in which I am still.
You weakly fall on me and breathe heavily, and without taking out a member, you put your head on my chest.

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I play a little, squeezing the muscles of your penis, and gently pushing him out of himself (he, all filled with sperm and my juice, slips to freedom, plaintively asking for mercy.
I’ll let you lie down and rest for a while before you go to the bathroom together.
(To be continued).
7, 2001 I thought you were tired, but immediately received your answer.
You want to continue and you will get it.
And I finished on letting you rest, gently pushed you out of bed to the bathroom and went after you.
I opened the lukewarm water and got under the shower.
When you admired droplets of water flowing down my chest down to the stomach and further to the hairs on my pubic hair (my pubic hair is neatly trimmed in the shape of a heart and shaved).
Finally, I stretch my hand and pull you into the bath.
We stand under water for a long time, just holding each other’s hands and slightly touching each other with our bodies until your “boy” starts to tremble, expand, gain weight and bend down.
Then I gently massage your back, hips, legs with odorous oil.
You stand, passively lowering his hands, and I turn to washing your penis, scrotum, perineum with my wet, slippery hands.
When your body becomes silky and smelling fresh, I lick my tongue off water droplets from your chest and abdomen, going down to your dick, who is already waiting for my lips.
I breathe deeper and more intermittently, pressing my chest against your legs, clasping your buttocks and taking your “boy” in my mouth.
Lick it, I spend my tongue over the bridle and cleft between the two halves of the head.
I am excited even more, feeling as a member swells, increases in size in my mouth.

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You stand holding the walls, and I take Him deeper and deeper, sucking more and more vigorously in anticipation of something mysterious that may yet happen.
7, 2001 Fuuu! I know you are inexhaustible.
But we need a break.
My “old man” even blushed from such intense work – because I masturbate all the time.
Kisses all.
8, 2001 Good morning.
8, 2001 Hello, pussy! As I told you in passing, I do not enjoy sex with my wife.
She regularly finishes, and I imitate an orgasm so as not to offend her.
She is a good person, but she doesn’t know how to give pleasure to a man (although, like most women, she thinks she’s an amazing lover and that a man ends up after seeing her body, but this is certainly not true). Sext people online.

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