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Forgive the unworthy whore, Edward.
This will not happen again, fucking repent of his disobedience.
Master’s voice with a grin: She is allowed a little, but you can beg for mercy.

Well, decide, we will punish her lightly (Stella relieved breath – the owner said lightly, it means it will be lightly)? We will punish! Maybe we should not? – a little embarrassed, Robert intervened in the conversation.
– Dad, what are you really? No, Bob.
– this is the owner – The girls must be punished so that they perform all the men’s whims, like silk.
Bring a whip, bitch.
Stella sneaked a sigh and got up to go for the instrument of punishment.
Passing the whip to the woman imputed on her lap.
She handed it to her master and turned, as prescribed by the rules.
Spreading her knees wide, she jerked her ass up, and she lay down her boobs on the floor, arms forward.
This posture was well suited to accept men without question, but also to receive punishment, too.
Stella closed her eyes and bit her sponge, awaiting blows with trepidation. Sexy live arab.

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