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I took it.
– Bring a towel, – said Dima.
I smiled, smacked him in the chest – we lay so that I could not reach his face, got up and went to the bathroom for a towel.

New sensations continued! – I went for a towel for a man who just fucked me! I felt that he was looking at me.
Maybe he didn’t look at me, but it seemed to me that he was looking at me, looking at me naked, at the female he had just had, I felt it and.
And quite instinctively – I also suddenly realized this – I was walking, shaking my ass, twirling my tail like a female.
I went so that my man liked his female !!! On this thought, I caught myself when I already went into the bathroom.
Here nafiga yourself.
Interestingly, was it exactly me or that notorious, deeply disguised in every man (but in every?) Woman? Or was it the female I had assigned myself to, and she had already begun to take over my body besides my consciousness? I looked in the mirror – it seemed I was there.
No, it was me anyway! However, the female should not linger long if the man sent her for a towel.
I took a towel, returned to the room.
Dima was lying on the ottoman, on his back, with his hands behind his head, his legs spread wide, and looked at me without saying anything.
As if I had to guess what was required.
Although it was easy to guess, it was placed on the knees on the ottoman and carefully wiped Dimin member carefully.
Dima extended his hand, patted my head.
“Let’s get ready,” he said.

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– It is time.
And it’s all??? And this is all that a man says to a female that satisfied him ??? I can not say that I was deeply outraged, to such an extent my female self-consciousness has not yet developed.
Rather disappointed.
We had sex for the second time and the second time the man took advantage of me, but it did not cause excessive emotions and enthusiasm for him.
No, well, actually I was fucked three times already and.
And it’s all? Put cancer or spread her legs, stuck in the ass, finished and walking, baby? Well, what’s the difference between the rapist and Dima? In the presented carnation? However, I tried to smile, slyly (it seemed to me) and playfully, stretched out like a cat and lay down next to Dima, leaning against him with his whole body.
With my hand, I gently stroked his penis and testicles.
Honestly, I had to overpower myself a little – to play with another man’s dick.
But I knew he would like it.
In any case, probably should like.
“Moore,” I said, continuing to play the role of a contented female.
It seems that this was the second female ploy I used in my relationship with Dima.
It doesn’t matter what you think, how you feel, whether you are pleased with something, or are not satisfied with something – be controlled.
Dima patted my hair and said: – Give me a cigarette Well! Again! I got up again, found a pack, I wanted to stretch it, but then I took out a cigarette from the pack.
, lit a cigarette and stretched the already lit cigarette to Dima.
Then he brought an ashtray, put it on the ottoman next to Dima.
He himself took a cigarette, lit it too.
– Well, – said Dima, dokuriv.
– Let’s get ready.
I nodded obediently, stretched, knowing that Dima was looking at me now, and stood up.
How to dress? It’s the same to go out.
I went to the bathroom, washed away.
Once again looked at myself in the mirror.
Some kind of strange, pulling feeling was in my lower abdomen.
Not unpleasant, but strange.
It was as if

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I really had a womb there and she shrank in anticipation of something.
Yes, girl, you are no longer a girl, I told my reflection in the mirror. Sexy pregnant webcam.

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