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Inside, I still throb from the just past orgasm, it pleasantly makes it difficult for me to enter, and he is narrower, he likes it, he restrains himself not to finish, but he knows how to control himself well.
Finally, the obstacles are passed and the head rests somewhere deep, it moves the member quickly, firmly and firmly, I fly away from these sensations, I make loud groans, I squeeze the pillow, it has me behind, it enters faster and sharper.
He gets up from his knees, spreads his legs and bending his knees enters me from behind-from above, so his penis is even deeper in me, he holds my hips, pulling me towards a meeting, groans, he experiences the same pleasure.

How long have I not loved you.
I missed you.
I adore when you’re so wet.
– interrupted and as he growls he says.
Motion commands me to turn, take the member in one hand, and my face he holds the other, I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue waiting for a hot jet, he moves his hand over the member back and forth and sperm splashes on my face, gets on my tongue and mouth, I swallow her, I feel her inside me, I feel her taste on my lips, his cock is still in front of my face, I lick it, taking the remnants of sperm from it.
My former classmate and Vovka and I decided to celebrate baptism.
He worked as a watchman at the yacht club and was on duty that night.
At that time I had a row with my wife and lived alone.
In order not to be bored together, I decided to invite Irka (my wife’s friend) and asked her to take another of the girls.
Irka, to my surprise, immediately willingly agreed.
Met at the bus stop trolley.
I bought vodka and wine, and the girls got food.
The gatehouse is a cramped trailer, located right below the river and, despite being close to nature, this place was almost in the center of the city.
We drank, ate, played the guitar, in short, it was fun! We had a fairly intelligent company and we just had a good time.

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At 4 o’clock in the morning, the forces were running out and I suggested that the girls go to my house to drink tea, can sleep a little bit, wait for the city transport to start walking and it will be possible to go home.
Honestly, did not have any intimate thoughts.
I was lightly drunk, but I depicted that I was drunk like a pig.
It was all fun.
Irka and Olka (her girlfriend) and I flooded across the river across the ice to me.
When they came in, Irka said: “How nice that there is a warm toilet and hot water.”
Irka is a tall, thin brunette playing a woman “tired of life.”
She was 25 years old.
And Olka is a small, smiling, good-natured creature.
If I knew Irku for several years, she worked as a correspondent for a local newspaper, then Olga saw, it seems, the second time in her life.
We went into a single room, sat on the sofa and began to watch Vidic.
Irina brought a video cassette with a recording of New Year’s celebrations on a TV company, where she and Olka were hanging out in a circle of all known personalities.
I was sitting in the center, and the girls, leaning on me at the sides.
I hugged both hands, slowly moving to the breasts.
It seemed that just about one of them would oppose this, but the young ladies seemed not to notice that I was already frankly pawing them.
Maybe they are just tired, and maybe in their company it was so accepted that taking the lady by the chest or touching the ass is in the order of things.
Ira had small breasts, and Olga, despite her small stature and, given that she did not give birth, had cool round shapes.
I never thought that I would be able to paw two girls at once, and even that.
Iru, with whom we have purely friendly and rather even business relations! The girls watched Vidic with complete tranquility.
Suddenly Irka got up and, saying that she would be right back, left the room.
“I can lie down for a couple of minutes, I can’t sit anymore, I’m very sleepy,” said Olka.
Yes, of course – I answered

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and went into the kitchen.
Olka gently curled up on the couch, where until recently everything had started so well, and almost immediately fell asleep.
I stood in the kitchen for about ten minutes, smoked, did not turn on the light.
Admired the beauty of the night outside the window.
A beam of light made its way into the kitchen from the toilet window above the cabinet.
I listened – silence.
Maybe she was bad there, I thought, and with undisguised generosity went to look.
The toilet door was ajar.
I looked in.
Irka was sitting on the toilet, bent, arms crossed on her stomach.
Jeans were down to heels with tights and pink panties.
She turned her head in my direction. Shop online sex.

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