Sword art online sex comic.

Sword art online sex comic.
Alexey asked why I went to the sea myself.
But when I told him that I traveled with the newlyweds, but they are now going to the other end of the train, he showed his surprise.
These conversations again reminded me of my complete disappointment with the trip.

Apparently, under the influence of hop, not thinking what Alex would think of me, I told him how I always envied my lucky girlfriend, Anya.
After all, she had gone to the sea alone for several years in a row, and each time a huge amount of sexual adventures happened to her, according to her.
I told Lesha that I deeply doubt the veracity of such stories.
He asked with a smile about the reason for my disbelief.
I fell silent.
Then she replied that my personal experience, full of only disappointments from this trip, made me think so.

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He mockingly looked at me, and some crafty light flashed in his eyes.
I decided to change the subject, saying that I was hungry.
The choice of dishes in the dining car was not too big, so I had to take what was there.
We talked for a while.
Then they drank beer again.
Unnoticed, we were almost the only visitors to the restaurant.
The time was late.
I already began to feel a little sleepy.
Seeing my condition, Alexey suggested returning to our compartment.
We silently returned to our compartment.
I walked in front, and Alex – for me.
For some reason, I had the feeling that he was following me and looking at my ass in jeans shorts.
Our neighbors in the compartment had already gone to bed, it was dark.
I took a cosmetic bag, a towel and a knitted dress, in which I was going to sleep, I went to the toilet.

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I washed, brushed my teeth and, as far as was possible in those conditions, washed.
Then I changed my red dress to mid-thigh.
At the exit, I ran into Alyosha.
He was standing naked to the waist, in some rather tight shorts, with a towel around his neck, holding soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste in his hands.
I involuntarily appreciated his magnificent torso and for some reason I looked at his groin.
Seeing that he, in turn, examines my chest, I was embarrassed, hastily wished him good night and went to the compartment.
Having opened the door a little, I put my “bed” in the poor light and lay down.
Turning to the wall, I began to try to sleep, but my neighbors were alternately snoring loudly.
Sword art online sex comic.

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