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Sword art online sex game.
Then Dick began to fall and quickly turned out to be completely naked with fully dressed girls.
The girls were slightly more cheerful and took it with laughter, especially since Dick was blushing, embarrassed and covered his pussy with his hands.
Jane took another bottle, filled the glasses to the brim and offered to drink to the bottom for the next con.

They all drank and Jane suggested the rules: if Dick wins, the girls will undress to their underwear, if she plays with a jerk in front of them.
Dick agreed and naturally lost.
Three girls sat in a row on the sofa, Dick in front of them knelt and began to masturbate.
He finished on the floor, cleaned up the sperm with a wet napkin.
Jane again poured wine and announced the following con: girls undress to the panties or Dick sucks an artificial member. Sword art online sex game.

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