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It seemed to me that it must be very painful and unpleasant.
And I could not imagine how such a big enema — as much as two liters of water — could enter into my ass, already full of gas and hard shit! In addition, I thought it was shameful and humiliating the very process of putting an enema.
Uncle, seeing my fear and embarrassment, smiled and said: “Do not be afraid of the enema, Tony.

It is not at all painful and not scary, and not even unpleasant.
Everything will be fine.
A good warm enema will help you, you will empty and the pain in your stomach will pass.
You will not be hurt, you will only be nice and pleasant, warm in the ass and in the stomach. ”
These words of my uncle made me even more embarrassed.
I felt like a very small and helpless boy, with whom they talk like with a child – they comfort, persuade and calm.
At the same time, I had some kind of warm feeling for my uncle, who understands me so well and what is happening with me.
I felt safe, I felt that I could trust my uncle and he really wouldn’t hurt, hurt or hurt me, and that he really wanted to help me. Video sex japan online.

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