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Watch masters of sex season 1 episode 1 online.
I got up and went to the computer and opened our photos in the folder.
– Beautiful, hmm, and milking big.
What size chick udder? – I hesitated and realize that he specifically calls her so humiliatingly to me, looks as much as I allow the humiliation of myself and her.

The answer is that the 4th size.
– Fucking schmuck, you don’t even demand respect for her.
And who are you after that, look in the face.
I got my eyes.
He had a very rough and tough look, I could not stand it and turned my eyes to the floor.
– See the face chmoshnik, do not dare to take away his face.
I again began to look at his face.
– How do you even live like that with a girl? Judging by his lips, he began to collect drool in his mouth.
I realized that this is another test of the level of bullying.
I look him straight in the face, and he already smiles a little.
– I’ll spit in your face now.
I am silent in response.
And he continues – will you endure it? Without waiting for an answer, he grunts right on his nose and the grub runs down his nose to his mouth and lips.
I instinctively began to wipe my hand.
– Remove your hand, let it hang on you.
I removed my hand and I feel that on my lip I still have drool.
He again collected drool and spat in my face.
This time, right in the forehead, I squeezed my eyes shut for a split second and immediately opened my eyes.
A nasty sensation, a grub runs down the forehead on the cheek and again on the lips and on the chin.
– Fuck you suffered.
Your name is how, schmuck? – Misha.
“He laughed, you never once fought for life, did you?” – Not once.
– As you can see, the waffle is.
What else to do with you.
– Will you fuck me? – Yes, I answer.
– I do not ask, let’s come here.
He turned his back, took off his jeans.
– Let’s push the bread and lick, fuck you waiting for waffles.
I spread his buttocks to the sides and saw a male hairy point.

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Damn, how can I lick it (- Tchmo lick it now, why are you admiring something there? I closed my eyes and began to lick him a point.
What a shame, I lick a point to a man.
He began to make sounds like he likes the way I lick him.
I started to lick his anus even more and more actively.
– Come with me to the toilet.
Today I have not shit.
He went to the toilet, sat on the toilet seat.
I sat down near.
He pointedly took toilet paper and threw it into the corridor.
– Look into my eyes! I again felt the discomfort of eye contact.
He looked at me dismissively and asked, “You can endure it too, right?” I was silent in response, knowing what he was up to.
– You understand, freak, you’ll mouth wipe shit on my ass.
– I made an even more pitiful face.
– Fuck you are a lowdown of course.
Well, let’s do it.
He began to straighten and wryly open his mouth, I smelled feces and the sound of a fallen piece of shit in the water.
His face relaxed.
He spread his legs on the sink and the washing machine.
Clean my ass.
I could not endure the excitement of such

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a perverted impudence.
I crawled tight and saw that black shit pieces were left around his anus, some in his hair.
I closed my eyes and began to lick since the very hole, what a nightmare, I think to myself, and then I felt the taste of feces on my tongue.
I paused for a second and swallowed a small portion of feces.
– Fucking in your mouth, you also swallowed (fucking, trash, fucking chmorothy.
Lick everything to be clean.
I started to lick all round, all over my ass and feel the taste of his shit in my mouth again.
Suddenly, he fart during licking, and snealed.
I stopped licking for a second, inhaled the air mixed with farting and licked on.
– Enough.
He got up from the toilet.
I crawled a little to the side.
I want to look at it.
Come on stupid, take your hand the biggest piece of crap from the toilet, until he drowned.
I climbed in shock at him, knowing what he would say to do next.
He stands silently and looks at me.
The next morning, Marishka was ordered to change her maid’s uniform to a decent dress and come to her student.
The girl was not just glad to raise her status in the house, the soul sang! Only one thing confused, this student recently carved her, and the next time he stroked the future teacher’s bare ass, and then spanked her.
Teacher Maria Petrovna was preparing to thank the barchuk, discuss the lesson plan, find out the nature of the letters that will be made.
She did not have time to say hello, as the student ran his hands under her skirt and pulled off her panties.
“Is it now spank?” – the teacher thought, but the terrible boy began to undress Maria Petrovna at the speed of a squirrel, cracking down on a cedar cone. Watch masters of sex season 1 episode 1 online.

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