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He could have considered himself a handsome young man — tall, broad-shouldered, black hair combed up, a high forehead, a sly look of green eyes, regular facial features — this allowed him to feel confident in communication with the fair sex.
He was not afraid this time either.

and then we rode with friends on the yacht.
Imagine, the coast is not visible, only the sky around and the water, – keen on memories, the narrator with a gesture marked the horizon line, – this was just a cool party.
Have you ever made love on a ship during a storm? – Good evening, did not interfere? – Martin asked politely in a polite tone, not paying attention to the sleek narrator, whose irritated look clearly said “how to stop him!” – I just saw an angel and could not help but go and say hello.

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For a few brief moments, the young man studied the cold, haughty look of his lovely blue eyes, and then the girl seemed filled with some kind of gentle warmth and smiled sweetly in response.
Martin exhaled in his mind.
His arrogance and uncompromising directness often yielded their fruits.
However, each time enjoying a new victory, he thanked the Almighty for the fact that he did not allow him to lose his face.
This time was no exception.
Perhaps if the girl looked more enthusiastic about the conversation, he would have waited for another occasion, but now he knew for sure that he would not become a hindrance, and he was right.
“You say that to all the girls?” – the girl sounded a little coquettishly with a melodious voice, with obvious relief that you can finally turn your eyes away from the annoying hero-lover.

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“Only to those who refer to these words,” he gave a slight bow.
– Ahem.
, – realizing that he was losing a grateful listener, the narrator made a vain attempt to draw attention to himself.
– Sam.
so your name is, huh? – the girl threw in his direction a glimpse.
– Yes.
“I need to get some fresh air, otherwise it’s stuffy here.”
– Of course! – he quickly answered, having decided that he would again be left alone with the object of lust, – I am only now.
“Do not worry, I have someone to walk with,” the charming woman defiantly turned to Martin and raised a thin eyebrow.
“Please,” Martin let the girl forward and, grinning over his opponent’s shoulder, followed the beauty.
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