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Ariel reached its peak, and now she moaned and squirmed in Linda’s hands so that she could only hold her with all her strength and not stop petting for a moment, just to stretch that moment, to give even a grain of pleasure.
And the storm of orgasm Ariel was a priceless reward for it.
The moans of the princess, her trembling, her hands, helplessly clutching at the air, Ariel ended as if for the first time in her life.

Ariel Sok was on Linda’s lips, and she drank it with pleasure.
Linda slid her tongue in her, tugged at the tuber of her clitoris with her tongue, came back, feeling Ariel’s pussy trembling, and this trembling was the most pleasant feeling in the world.

The princess, who has the strength, squeezed Linda’s head with her legs, the last moan broke from her lips, and she leaned back on the seat, unconscious.
Only intermittent breathing spoke of what she had just experienced with the one she loved.
She was drowning in the depths of oblivion and no longer heard that at that moment Linda had finished.
– Linda.
– Yes darling?.
– Do not do this anymore.

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Linda looked at her inquiringly: “You were not well?” – No.
– whispered Ariel, and suddenly blurted out, – I am wet again! – What do we do? – Stretched playfully Linda.

“Seeing how lightweight tissue fell on the stone by light waves, the heart sank heavily in the chest, and below the abdomen everything very pleasantly pulsed, moistening.
The bosom involuntarily shook, she suddenly stood no small effort to stop the suddenly rolling orgasm.
She sat with her head down, looking at bare legs.
“What a smooth skin.
and what a beautiful color.
“Excitement with hot waves dusted the body.
Everything was pleasantly spinning in my head, and my heart seemed ready to jump out of my chest.
“- What a delusion.
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