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Good? Today I do not want to hear anything about him or about other males.
Agreed? Good.
And who are you ready to talk about today? Go to the hall, I will bring the coffee myself now, ”said the mother.

Vera went to the hall and settled on the couch, near which was a dessert table made of glass.
Vera climbed onto the sofa, putting her legs under her.
Elena Nikolaevna entered the room and put a tray with cups, a coffee pot, a bottle of brandy and piles on the table.
She dropped her daughter a stack of brandy.
They clinked glasses and looked into each other’s eyes, sipped.
Can we talk frankly, honey? – Elena asked of course.
How do you like Anfisa as a mistress? To be honest, we are not exactly mistresses.
She carries out my orders.
If you want, she is my sexy slave.
Is that so? And how did this happen? Larisa and I could not find the necessary literature for the conference and decided to turn to her.
She found literature.
Lariska grabbed the books and ran away, saying that she would do everything according to her report in 2 days and give it to me.
Anfisa asked me to stay and wait until she found a few more books I needed.
While she was looking, she was in another room and accidentally sat on the TV remote.
An entry appeared on the screen that captured Anfisa.
She was naked.
Kneeling in front of a girl of 14-17 years old and sucking on a strapon.
The girl held her tightly and fucked her in her mouth.
Anfisa’s hands and legs were fastened at the back with leather bracelets and fastened to each other in such a way that Anfisa could not bend over in front. 3gp sex video online.

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