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He entered it, began to move very quickly.
Natasha’s body squirmed with pleasure.
Vanya took her hair with one hand and pulled over.

A groan of bliss burst from her lips.
And then he realized that he had to do more.
Gathering a bit of their discharge with his finger, he smeared their anus with them.
Fucking her from behind in her pussy, he put his index finger into her ass.
Usually, Natasha did not like anal, but now it has brought her.
She could not hold back the moans and screamed.
When Vanya finished, he pulled a member out of her and, turning his face to himself, filled her lips and nose with sperm.
A few drops fell on small breasts.
They were immediately kissed and pinched by Ivan.
In the theater, they did not have time.
Natasha and Ivan fell asleep in their bedroom after a better orgasm.
Nobody knows what Natasha thought, except for herself.
Ivan also admired what a bitch was his wife.
And I thought about how good it would be to fuck Katya the same way.
If only he knew what their current discovery and his dreams would bring.
To be continued.
Seryozha sat in a nightclub and poured his grief with beer, just yesterday he was happy and flew on the wings today, today:: And it all started back two days when his friend Oleg Ivanych invited Seryozha to go to a nightclub and watch the travesty show -But “I’ll not be allowed to do it, Seryonka, this isn’t your problem.” He put his arm around Seryozha. Everything would be a type of top Oleg Ivynych, a large man under fifty lived two floors above Seryozhi showed him the location, invited him, it was summer and especially b lo nothing.
Serezha lived alone with his mother and loved the computer and beer, he was quite full for his age but not fat, his round good-natured face was cute and soft, his

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mother called him a pokemon and sometimes tweaked, which made him incredibly annoyed because he was an adult guy. treated him like a kid.

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But Oleg Ivanych treated Seryozha as an adult, and this appealed to Sergei, and he accepted the offer to go to a nightclub with enthusiasm, all the more so that his mother disappeared at work in the hospital all nights and would not notice his absence.
“And travesty who are like that,” Sergey asked. “It’s, men dressed as women.” “Oleg Ivannych sat down closer to Seryoz.” Quite a most amusing sight to tell you.
At eleven in the evening, they were standing near the club with the loud title Perspective, the girls were a bit mostly in the queue in front of the entrance were guys.
Oleg Ivanych took Seryozha gently by the arm and led past the security by paying them a thousand rubles, winked at Serezha cheerfully -Well, let’s go have fun, my boy The club had a lot of people all sat at the tables and in the middle stood a round platform and the tables were located around it, it was noisy smoky and adult, Sergey enjoyed it all very much, they sat next to the stage on a free table.
The waiter brought two whiskey and two beers, Sergey drained a pile of whiskey and relaxed it was nice and comfortable – Sergey, I’m hurried, reproached Oleg Ivanych- We’ll have time for the waiter, immediately poured more whiskey, and Sergei got ready to watch the show, the lights went out in the hall, stayed only the catwalk was lit, the music began to play and two girls in swimsuits with sparkles came out and only after looking at Sergei realized that they were guys on knobs on thong Seryozha was amazed, to be honest, he thought to see a clown, but such boys were very, very sexy, turning pop s to the audience and making circular movements invitingly ass plowed and narrow strip of strings not hiding anything.
To the music, they circled around the stage and froze in the middle of the podium, hugging and kissing each other as if they were hicking out the music died down, it lasted somewhere for a minute, Oleg Ivanovich, as always, moved closer to Sergei and stroked his leg, but Sergey was so fascinated by the spectacle that not even He paid attention to this and only when his hand had already reached for his fly and had already grown up a member of Serezha, he habitually threw away his hand and Oleg Ivanych, as always sweaty and often breathing, was not offended, but only mumbled-Oh, Seryon’ka, where my fifteen years Suddenly the scene lit up and the old onesThere were no boys anymore, and on the sides of the stage there were three men or women. Adult webcam magnaliss lady magnet.

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