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But the water itself did not flow.
Immediately there was so much inconvenience to bring water, oilcloth, do not pour anything.
For several months I did not dare, and then I decided – I told my mother that I could not go to the toilet for three days.

She first said drink kefir, then something else.
I drank, pretended to go down the toilet.
About two hours later I heard the words that took my breath away: “I’ll do the enema now.”
Take it there on the shelf, pour water from the jar.
I pretended to hear about a pear for the first time or had forgotten about its presence for a long time.
I thought, now I will lie down again on my stomach, I will spread my legs.
But my mother commanded me: lie on your left side, why did you lay on your stomach? Take off your pants.
Where is petroleum jelly? In short, everything was very physiological.
And the water was completely wrong.
Since then, I have periodically started to remember and play with myself with my klyzmochka from childhood.
I didn’t immediately realize that after playing with my own booty I get a violent erection, and I start to present myself with a neighbor girl. Amateur webcam orgasm.

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