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“How else would you take me up to heaven?” The inquisitor smiled paternally and patted Laura on a young, elastic cheek: – There is one way to take you to Heaven without taking it from the sinful earth.
But first you must repent.
The novice happily nodded: – I repent very much! – Well, then pop up the ass! Laura instantly threw her breasts on the floor, simultaneously lifting her skirt with both hands, and bent, beautifully bulging smooth, round buttocks.

The inquisitor took a thin long stack off the table with a leather spatula at the end, aimed, and slapped the girl on the ass.
She screamed in a voluptuous way.
Thin ribbon strings could not completely hide the popkin hole, and between the full genital lips was completely lost.
Still a couple of times, quilting the elastic laurina ass, the inquisitor began to slap his leather spatula over his cunt, muttering under his breath: – Godless hole.
Devil’s mouth.
Vicious hole.
And suddenly he rushed to the butt of the young novice, clasped her hands and eagerly buried his face in the crotch.
The string of thongs interfered, the inquisitor had a snack on her and wet her young cunt.

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– Ah! – Laura exclaimed, leaning towards him.
– Holy Father, what are you doing ?! “What I need, I do it,” he answered indistinctly.
– Repent, come on.
– Oh, how sinful I am! – with aspiration and moaning, the novice began.
– I am so guilty before the whole male tribe, for the fact that I have such a beautiful face, and thick golden hair; that my buttocks are round and sexy, and my chest is so big and perfect! Ah, forgive me, men, for loving me.
Forgive me for being unworthy, I am not showing proper humility and I dare to resist when you squeeze me in the corners !.
The inquisitor, who had just licked her with a growl, jumped to her feet and, after striking a couple more blows with a stack on the flinching reddened flesh, choking, ordered: – Now substitute tits, for this organ of yours seduces men first.
Laura obediently straightened and raised her hands, joined her palms above her head, stretched.
Her heavy breasts, swaying, rose, slightly stretched out, turning the pink halos into sexy toe, and froze in anticipation of fair spanking.
The inquisitor slapped them a couple of times, stamping with a spatula until the jelly waves passed through the flesh, and then grabbed his chest with his hands and buried his face between them, slobbering his lips and rubbing his nipples with his thumbs.
“Ah, holy father,” the girl exclaimed voluptuously, “what are you doing to me like that ?!” “I am preparing for the rite,” he answered, and he plentifully moistened the nipples with saliva, and then began waving the stack spatula finely in front of the left one.
The cool breeze over the wet halo made her gather up with

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